31 Popular Printables to Make and Sell on Etsy


Selling printable checklists, artwork, and party games on Etsy is an excellent way to earn passive income. Once you create your product and list it for sale, there isn’t much left for you to do. You can make money on that product while you sleep for months or even years to come.

For us busy mamas, making money while juggling parenting, work, our relationships, and self-care sounds pretty good.

But here’s the thing.

So many articles will teach you how to sell printables on Etsy, but what if you don’t know what to sell?

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get started. And that’s exactly what this article is: your go-to guide of the many types of digital downloads you can sell on Etsy.

Simple, Popular Printables You Can Sell on Etsy

You can create a printable or digital product from almost anything you’ve ever needed to print out in your life. Art, planners, journal pages, coloring books, chore charts, you name it. But some options are more popular than others. And with so many options, it can be hard to know where to start when you’re new.

Here are some categories to consider building your shop around and ideas that fit within each. If you’re interested in learning more about starting a successful Etsy printable shop or learning how to make these printables, register for our free 90-minute masterclass in the form below!

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Ready for some ideas? Let’s dive in!

Best Printable Ideas for Kids

1 – Coloring Pages

Kids love to color, and printable coloring pages are great for all ages. Older kids might like movie or character themed pages while younger kids will love animals, princesses, or trucks.

Construction truck coloring pages for sale as digital download on Etsy
Printable coloring pages from AwesomeKidsArt Etsy shop

2 – Flashcards

Parents love to see their children learning and what better way to do that than with flashcards. Alphabet flashcards, sight words, numbers, and shapes are simple to make and add to your Etsy shop.

3 – Weekly Chore and Reward Chart

Chore charts are a great way to teach kids to be responsible. Create a printable chore chart to help parents motivate their children with rewards to build routines and accountability.

4 – Summer Worksheets

To help kids remember what they learn, summer worksheets can bridge the gap from one grade to the next. Your worksheets can guide writing practice, learning shapes, or counting.

Summer kids reading log
Printable reading log from PinkPicklePrintables Etsy shop

5 – Mazes and Activity Books

Whether you create a single worksheet or bundle your creation into a book to sell on Etsy, kids will love to complete mazes, connect the dots, or play hangman.

Perfect Wedding Printables

6 – Bachelorette Party Games

Who says planning a bachelorette party has to be hard? Your printable party games can keep the laughter going for the bride-to-be and her friends.

7 – Photo Booth Props

Wedding photo booths are popular at weddings and are more fun with props. Create printable lips, hats, sunglasses, and hilarious captions to help celebrate the big day.

Fiesta printable photo booth props on Etsy
Printable Fiesta photo props from CMCraftStudio Etsy shop

8 – Save the Date Cards

Using a save the date card template, you can help the bride and groom give their guests a heads up about their upcoming ceremony. Offer to personalize it or use a program like Corjl that lets them customize it themselves.

9 – Printable Labels for Wedding Favors

Couples are always looking for ways to save on wedding favors. You could design a sticker or tag that they can print and add to a candle, bottle of wine, or package of mints.

10 – Table Numbers

To help with guest seating arrangements, make an easy-to-print design for table numbers. Add greenery for an elegant touch or add quotes for guests to read during the celebration.

Printable wedding table numbers from Etsy
Printable wedding table numbers from BelleHanahPaperie Etsy shop

11 – Wedding Planner

The average couple spends 15 months or more discussing the details of their wedding. There’s a lot to remember. Make organizing their event easier by designing a printable wedding planner with timelines, checklists, and guides.

Calendar and Planner Printables

12 – Household Planner

Mamas are always on the go. A printable household planner can help them organize their time, to do lists, meal plans, and goals.

13 – Monthly Calendars

Calendars can have a minimalistic layout or have flowers and themed designs. You could stick with a basic monthly calendar or create one that includes meal planning or habit tracking for ultimate control.

Printable monthly calendar from IndigoPrintables Etsy shop

14 – Weekly Planners

For active families, a weekly planner is a must. Make a printable weekly planner for your Etsy store to keep track of piano lessons, soccer practice, and daycare schedules.

15 – Daily Checklists

A daily routine can create structure and increase productivity. When you make a daily checklist to sell on Etsy, you’re helping a mama feel more at peace with her life.

Etsy Printables for Home and Health

16 – Meal Planners

The dinner rush can be hectic, but effective meal planning can save the day. With the right printable, you can help families organize meal plans and shopping lists.

Printable weekly meal planner from Etsy
Printable weekly meal planner from BohemianTemplateCo Etsy shop

17 – Fitness and Health Trackers

From exercise goals and weight loss to recording blood sugar levels, fitness and health trackers can keep a mama focused on her goals. You could make a weekly or monthly printable for added motivation.

18 – Cleaning Checklist

Who doesn’t love a good cleaning checklist? Separate the tasks by room to create a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning routine that will make the home sparkle and shine.

19 – Self Care Printables

If there’s one thing mamas need help with, it’s self-care. A checklist to track habits, a self-love workbook, or a gratitude journal are all excellent ideas for printables to add to your Etsy store.

Printable self-care trackers and challenges from Etsy
Printable self-care planner from CherryCherryStudio Etsy shop

20 – Adult Coloring Pages

Many adults like to color just as much as their kids do! Adult coloring pages that buyers can print at home can reduce stress and help relax the mind.

21 – Art and Decor

Etsy is a one-of-a-kind marketplace for unique art and home decor items. You might turn inspirational quotes into pieces of art or make prints for the nursery, bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen.

Printable cactus art print from Etsy
Printable cactus wall decor from PaperStormPrints Etsy shop

Effective Personal Finance Trackers

22 – Savings Trackers

Whatever goal a person is saving for, tracking progress can push them to save even more. Consider making a tracker for saving toward a down payment on a home, a family vacation, or an emergency fund.

23 – Budget Planners

Budgeting isn’t rocket science, but sticking to a budget can be hard to do sometimes. A budget planner can provide the motivation needed to help a mama stress less about her finances.

24 – Debt Payment Plan

If you’ve ever been in debt, you know how hard it is to dig yourself out of that hole. Debt payment plans can bring clarity and focus to the goal of being debt free. Create a digital version of a debt payment tracker in Excel or Google Sheets. But a printable tracker is an excellent option, too.

Beehive printable savings chart from Smart Money Mamas Etsy Shop
Printable savings tracker from our Smart Money Mamas Etsy shop!

25 – Finance Planner

A personal finance planner is the perfect tool to get all your financial information in one place. Include a monthly budget, goal planner, bill payment calendar, savings log, debt payment plan, and a spending tracker.

26 – Credit Score Tracker

Anyone looking to build their credit score will love a printable credit score tracker. It offers a convenient way to note changes to their score and celebrate as they watch it go up.

Top Party and Holiday Printables

27 – Invitations

Party invitations are great to sell on Etsy. Offer to customize the invitation with the name of the event, date, time, and location or opt for a program like Corjl to let buyers personalize it on their own.

Mermaid birthday party printable invitation from Etsy
Printable mermaid birthday invitation from BrownCowCreatives Etsy shop

28 – Party Games

Printable party games can be a lucrative addition to your Etsy shop. Birthday games, trivia, and baby shower games are popular choices. You could make games for families to play for Thanksgiving and other holidays, too.

29 – Greeting Cards

Have you ever forgotten to buy a birthday card? You’re not alone. That’s why printable greeting cards can be big sellers on Etsy. Consider creating birthday, holiday, graduation, and other cards to celebrate all occasions.

30 – Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are the perfect solution for birthday parties, holidays, and corporate team-building events. Your printable could stick to a specific theme or use customized items for an age-appropriate game.

Printable beach explorer scavenger hunt from Etsy
Printable beach explorer scavenger hunt from StarrySkyPrintables Etsy shop

31 – Gift Tags

By creating printable gift tags to sell, you can help to add the right finishing touch to a gift. It’s easy to design and can be used for any holiday or event.

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Get Started With Your Printable Etsy Shop Today!

One of the best reasons to set up an Etsy shop is that you don’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting. Etsy has almost 40 million active users, and the platform takes care of advertising and marketing your products to customers.

Your Etsy shop can be anything you want it to be. Once you create your products, there’s minimal maintenance to keep the sales coming in. It is a great way for mamas to grow a passive income.

Are you interested in starting a printable Etsy shop? What types of products do you want to offer? Share in the comments!

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