A Weekly Home Management Routine That Works for You


How to set up a weekly home management routine that works for you. Make home management a tool that you use to make your life easier.

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We all know that home management routines can help us.

They make things more automatic, they eliminate the need to think through every next step in our days, and they help us know that we’re not forgetting something.

Having simple home management steps we can stick to take a lot of the drudgery of taking care of our homes.

Morning and evening routines in our house are life-savers.

They help our children feel more secure, and they’ve eliminated a lot of the struggles we’ve had with getting ready for bed and getting ready for school.

My own morning and evening routines have helped me get more done, and feel less stressed about the beginnings and endings of our days.

But weekly routines?

I’ve tried them, but they just haven’t worked for our family.

We have unpredictable schedules, changing activities, and all kinds of other distractions that have just made planning out a weekly routine hard!

But, lately, I’ve been working on a new type of weekly routine, and it’s been working for me way better than I ever anticipated.

Weekly Home Management Routine

Forgetting the important stuff? Set up your own home management routine!

Why do I need a plan for a weekly home management routine?

Simply put, I am forgetful.

I feel like I used to be better at remembering things, but since I’ve had kids, I’ve gotten way worse.

Maybe it has something to do with being asked hundreds of questions every day, I’m not sure…

But anyway, when it comes to home management stuff, I’m always putting out fires.

I’ve tried cleaning routines, but I just didn’t like them, so I didn’t stick with them.

I’d put things off, and then eventually forget about them.

Until I noticed something so gross that I had to do some cleaning.

What Is a Weekly Home Management Routine?

Weekly home management routines aren’t a new thing.

We’ve probably all read about them before.

They’ve been around for centuries – they even talk about them in the Little House on the Prairie books!

Create a weekly home management routine that works for you and your family!

Basically, what you do with a home management routine is assign different days to different types of home-related tasks.

You might do laundry on Mondays, baking on Tuesdays, errands on Wednesdays, etc.

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What’s the Weekly Home Management Routine System like?

First of all, you get to customize the routine to fit your life.

You can look at my routine, but it’s probably not going to work for you if you just copy what I’m doing. 

You’ve got to build something around your obligations, energy levels, and the general rhythm of how things work in your house.

Create a weekly home management routine that works for you and your family!

This is how I’m setting up my week. Your’s will be different, and customized for you and your family!

Every day has a theme, and you get to decide what each day’s theme will be. You assign tasks to each day, depending on the theme.

Then, you try out the routine you designed and course correct as necessary.

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Make Your Own Home Management Routine 

home management plan on desk

The thing that’s helped me really stick to this routine is writing out a good plan.

To make your own weekly home management routine plan, grab the free workbook here.

After you’ve written out your plan, test it, change it, and tweak it to make it work for you.

Your first draft of your weekly routines probably won’t work out perfectly.

And that’s okay. In fact, it’s good!

By working out the kinks in your plan, you can make changes that will make the routine easier for you to stick with.

As you’re trying out your home management routine, add sticky notes to your pages as you think of things you want to do

Using sticky notes is key, because you can move them around from day to day if things change.

And, things always change, don’t they? 😉

I hope this advice was helpful, and your weekly home management routine  helps you feel more calm in your home.

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