Amazon Box Organization: Bathroom Drawer Organization McGuyver Style


We all know I love me some Pinterest...

but you can easily fall into the trap of EVERYTHING needs to be PRETTY.

My personal truth is, that everything needs to be functional, and my "make it do or do without" mantra enters my head quite frequently.

Enter my makeup collection.  I wouldn't say I'm a makeup whore, but I was acquiring a fair number of lipsticks and eyeshadows that weren't fitting in my regular container.  Money was tight, but honestly I just wasn't finding what I wanted anywhere.

Enter an Amazon box, and Duct Tape.

{woo hoo!}

BTW, if you're looking for quick and thrifty ways to organize, can I just recommend this course. The idea that things just had to work for me vs following some crazy organization rules that the internet made up was extremely freeing for me!

I came up with this.  The Amazon box already had flaps that folded in to give the new "compartments" I made some stability.  Then, I just duct taped the be-jeepers out of a few well-cut patitions.  The Amazon box fit SO perfectly, it was like a dream.  This particular drawer is REALLY shallow, so regular containers just weren't working.

bathroom drawer organizer

Does anyone see this drawer?  No, just me - and I love me some cardboard and duct tape.

Update, 8 years later this organizer is still going strong!

That isn't to say that I don't love pretty -- but I love having an organized way to store my makeup even more.  I love my organized home!

I also used mounting putty to keep it in the same spot.  That way I could line up my lipsticks in the front and not having them fall down.  I also bsaically have another full extra compartment in the back to keep stuff.  We all know how I love extra compartments, right?

If you want more bathroom organization tips check out my post:  The Organized Bathroom.

Have my McGuyvered your way into some cool storage at your house?  Tell me in the comments.

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