My Single Girl Story {Navigating COVID-19}: What I’m Reading


Like so many, I’ve been catching up on my reading over the past few months.  While it’s been dreadful (but necessary!) timing for libraries to be closed, I have been exchanging books with friends, reading books that had been collecting dust on my bookshelves for years, and leveraging the eBook loaner system from my public library.

Reading is an incredible escape, and a great way to stay busy during this slower season.

I’ve read some REALLY good books in 2020, and I’m sharing a few of them below.  Many have asked if I am on Goodreads, and I am!  Click here to see what I’ve read and what’s on my to-read shelves.


Right now, I’m slowly reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle.  I say slowly, because this is a book to be savored.  In each chapter, she brings to light another story of how she was trained to behave, and honestly, each one hits you right in the feelings.  Note:  Read the prologue, and remember, you are a cheetah.  That chapter has not left me since I read it and has created a bold imprint on my heart.

And, why would you be reading one book, when you could be reading two?  I’m also working my way through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  This book is a spiritual guide to unleashing creativity, and it’s literally changing my life.  I’ve adopted the author’s daily practice of writing “morning pages” and it frames my day for the better, each and every day.  The book is set up like a weekly workbook, in that there are activities your incorporate weekly.  Slowly working my way through this one, and loving it.  Note the endorsement from Elizabeth Gilbert on the cover!


What to Read When You Miss Vacation

When my friend Ashleigh dropped this book off, she was enthusiastic about it saying that she wanted to read more by this author.  After reading The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren, I completely relate to her comments!  The book was a light-hearted, funny love story, and frankly, the story of a vacation I long for during quarantine.  I’ve added several others by this author to my library to-read list and can’t wait to read more.  

When You’re Curious about the Celebrity Behind the Music

Hands down, this book has been the biggest surprise of quarantine.  The audio version of Open Book by Jessica Simpson became available at my library, and I decided to give it a shot.  I had low expectations for the book, but figured it might be interesting to hear Jessica read her story of being on MTV’s Newlyweds, and what the heck happened with John Mayer?  This book delivered and took me back to so many moments that I remember “growing up” with Jessica Simpson.  Seriously, give it a shot… and I recommend the audio.

When You Want to Believe in Magic

This book popped up in my social media feed by a friend that always has great book recommendations.  Before I lost my job, I ordered this hardback from Target and dove into it.  In Five Years by Rebecca Serle opens in a dream.  The main character gets a glimpse at what her life could look like in five years, and then she spends the next five years curious about that dream.  As the story unfolds, it reminds you that sometimes we have a knowing and innate insight that is hard to fathom, but completely true.

When You Want to Conquer the World

Yes, I want to conquer the world.  ‘Tis true.  Dave Hollis crushes his first book with  Get Out of Your Own Way: A Skeptic’s Guide to Growth and Fulfillment.  It’s an amazing book of stories and motivation, and I took so much from it professionally.  Dave covers sensitive topics surrounding ego and what it’s like being married to a media mogul wife (he’s married to Rachel Hollis).  I listened to this one on audio, and loved it!

When You Want to Dig Into History

I’ve mentioned here before that my dad is a writer.  He has a TON of books available on Amazon, and I read a fun one he wrote recently called Tree of Wonders.  This book is a YA title about a boy and interestingly about trees and their network of communication.  Imagine if an ancient tree could tell the stories of all it had seen.  That’s exactly what Tree of Wonders is about… a great read for teens and adults alike!

When You Want to Feel and Spread Joy

I re-read Fierce Joy by Susie Rinehart during quarantine, and renewed my love for this amazing book.  The author Susie lives in Boulder, Colorado and tells her story of learning that she had an extremely rare tumor in her neck + the associated battle against it.  Poignantly, she shares her quest to choose joy over fear and brave over perfect in the days that follow.  This is hands-down my most recommended book in 2020.  If you haven’t read it, it’s time.  It just might change your life


While I haven’t read these recently, these are some of my all-time favorites that I’ve read over the years (by some of my favorite authors!)

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