Powerline Productions is Excited to be Part of the 2020 Homeschool Grab Bag Sale


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We are excited to announce that Powerline Productions is part of the HUGE Homeschool Grab Bag Sale going on from July 13-July 20, 2020.

70+ homeschool products from over 50+ top bloggers and brands at 97% off retail! Homeschool Grab Bag is a Digital PDF Workbook that includes top printables, courses, and resources for homeschoolers at 97% off retail prices! I love digital products! And this bundle of digital curriculum and resources will make the pickiest of homeschooling shoppers happy!

​What an honor for us to be part of a group of amazing publishing companies like Write Bonnie Rose, They Call Me Blessed, Raising Real Men, Our Journey Westward, My Joy-Filled Life, Captivating Compass, Flip Flop Spanish, A Journey Thru Learning, and Raising Arrows.

We have 1 one-credit high school course in the Deluxe Grab Bag! We also have a age-integrated art appreciation course in the Super Grab Bag and the Deluxe Grab Bag! (Everything in the Super Grab Bag is also in the Deluxe Grab Bag so don’t buy both!)

God’s Girls 105: Homemaking

God's Girls 105: Homemaking by Meredith Curtis
Learn more about God’s Girls 105: Homemaking at PowerlineProd. If you want to get God’s Girls 105: Homemaking in Print, you can purchase it at Amazon.

God’s Girls 105: Homemaking is in the Deluxe Grab Bag!

I love being a homemaker! When my children got to high school, I wanted to teach them more homemaking skills, but I also wanted to teach them the heart behind homemaking, so I put together God’s Girls 105: Homemaking using Proverbs 31, The Hidden Art of Homemaking, and Jesus, Fill My Heart & Home Bible Study. You see I didn’t want them to just know homemaking skills, I wanted them to build joyful homes filled with the Presence of Jesus!

How about you? Are you interested in imparting homemaking wisdom into your daughter’s life and getting a credit for high school at the same time. If so, you will love this course! God’s Girls 105: Homemaking is set up for daughters to work on their own and to meet with Mom once a week to go over Scripture, lessons, and discuss reading. In addition, each week, there is a hands-on project for them to do together. 

Families Learning Together: American History Art Appreciation

Families Learning Together: American History Art Appreciation is in the Super Grab Bag and the Deluxe Grab Bag. (Don’t purchase both!)

From the Age of Exploration to Recent Times, this kid-friendly and teen-friendly art appreciation course brings historical events and people to life! We have chosen artists who have been enjoyed for decades and centuries by Americans from all walks of life. Some of these artists painted portraits of famous Americans, others painted historical scenes, a few painted America’s beautiful natural landscapes, and all of them give us a glimpse of American life!

Families Learning Together: American Art Appreciation contains lessons on American artists to go along with any American History curriculum. It was created for all ages to enjoy and explore American paintings together.

45 Presidents of the USA Notebooking Pages

45 Presidents of the USA Notebooking Pages by Meredith Curtis

Research and record your information in these beautiful notebooking pages. 45 Presidents of the USA Notebooking Pages has a photograph of each President, a map to color in his home state, and places to record your data from your research on each of these amazing men! On each page, you will find his name, presidential number, and photo. In addition, there are questions about him that you can read books and investigate online to find the answers.

45 Presidents Of the USA Notbooking Pages was part of the Teaser Grab Bag

If you missed the Teaser Grab Bag You can also purchase 45 Presidents of the USA Notebooking Pages at PowerlineProd. Learn more HERE!

Now, I don’t want you to think ours are the only products in the Grab Bag Sale. There are so many amazing products! You really have to go check them all out at the Homeschool Digital Grab Bag! You will love the them!

The Super Grab Bag has 51 amazing homeschool resources, products and curricula worth over $770!

The Deluxe Grab Bag has EVERYTHING in the Super Grab Bag PLUS 20 more premium products worth over $1540!

2 Amazing Bags to Choose From! COMPARE the Super Bag with the Deluxe Bag and see what’s right for you! Compare the bags HERE!

Purchase your Homeschool Grab Bag right now!  

Until next time, Happy Homeschooling!

Meredith Curtis

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