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Title: Unbeatable Spirit
Author: Jenny Bullington, MA
Genre: Inspirational/Spiritual Growth Self-help
Cover Designer: Whit and Whimsy/Dark Unicorn design
Publisher: The Pathos Pen Publishing/Unbeatable Spirit
Publication Date: June 20th, 2020 
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There is something powerful about those who face trauma and emerge stronger.
They are survivors. Jenny Bullington is one of them.
As a survivor of domestic violence and interpersonal trauma, she has had to rely on her inner spirit time and time again. In this book, she shares her incredible tale of perseverance and the stories of other strong, irrepressible women who have conquered seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
Each chapter (complete with workbook pages) provides guidance through the process of developing that same resilience in you. These pages - these stories - can help you discover who you are at your best, despite whatever trauma you have lived, and emerge stronger.
May you find your own Unbeatable Spirit!

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"How often do we mishandle the affects of our trauma and give up on ourselves? How often do we let the voices of our survival mode tell us who we are? Sure, our survival mode helps us get through trauma, but it has served its purpose, and that is not helpful in the 'moving on' stage of processing the trauma post-crisis.
"There comes a time when we have to pick up the broken pieces of our lives and redeem it. Change it, make it better, do and live better. Not just for our partners or our children or families, not even for what society says we have to be or for our employers, but for ourselves. There comes a point when you have to literally talk to your survival voice and tell it to shut up.
"This means we can't be afraid to move forward, either. Sometimes if we keep the old, familiar problems around us, we have a level of comfort, even though it's negative. Change is new, and that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. But could you handle a bit of discomfort if that meant you could finally heal inside and out, becoming holistically healthy?"

Jenny Bullington is a writer, inspirational speaker, educator, and advocate for survivors of violence and trauma. With her bachelor's degree from Iowa State University and master's degree from Pacific Oaks College, she serves survivors as an ordained minister and a certified Transformation Life Coach who has developed the trauma-informed Survivor Coach (TM) life coaching method. When not working, you can find her on adventures with her beloved husband, Branden, their six kids, and one crazy dog, or on the mats at the local martial arts school. For more information, go to www.unbeatable-spirit.com!

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