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Looking for superhero games and activities for your children, a birthday party or a fun afternoon activity? Here are more than 50 different ideas that your kids will love.

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These 50 superhero ideas include both free and products available for sale in the categories:

  • Superhero Coloring Pages
  • Superhero Activity Packs
  • Superhero Activities
  • Superhero Board Games
  • Outdoor Superhero Game
  • DIY Superhero Crafts
  • Superhero Capes

What to Look for in Superhero Games for Kids

  • Choose games that are age appropriate. What’s appropriate for a 12-year old is not necessarily for a 4-year old.
  • Choose games where the superheroes are positive role models.
  • Make sure the villains or graphics are not too scary for your child.
  • Look for games that you and your child can create together.
  • Choose games that encourage physical activity or skill.
    • Coloring develops fine motor skills.
    • Running and jumping develop balance and gross motor skills.
  • Choose games that develop mental skills.
    • Match games help build memory and identification skills.
    • Many games help develop problem solving skills.
  • Choose games that encourage learning.
  • Look for games that you can play together as a family.

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Free Superhero Coloring Pages

Superhero Coloring Pages

Superhero Activity Packs

Free Superhero Activities

  1. Create a City for Your Superheroes.
    • Use shoe boxes, construction paper and crayons to make a city for your superhero figures to fight crime in.
  2. Make Superhero Wristbands
    • Use construction paper and crayons to make your own superhero wristbands.
  3. Which Superhero Am I?
    • Tape the name of different superheroes on the backs of players.
    • Players can ask questions of other players to guess who they are.
    • They cannot use the names of superheroes in the questions.
  4. Use Your X-ray Vision Guessing Game
    • Place small items in paper sacks or boxes. The superhero has to use their x-ray vision and guess the item using their hands.
  5. Play Superhero Says
    • The superhero version of Simon Says
  6. Make Your Own Superhero Masks
    • Use paper plates, crayons and construction paper to make superhero masks.
  7. Play Pass the Kryptonite with a bean bag or small ball.
    • The superhero version of Hot Potato
  8. Make superhero puppets
    • Use paper lunch bags and crayons to make your own superhero puppets.
  9. Make Captain America’s shield and the Bat Signal
    • Use paper plates and crayons to create.
two young children in superhero masks and capes each with arm out in front of them

Superhero Board Games

Free Outdoor Superhero Games

  1. Draw superhero logos with sidewalk chalk.
  2. Play superhero obstacle course
    • Set up an obstacle course that requires superhero powers, like jumping and throwing items.
      • Create building roofs from card board, hula hoops or chalk for the superheroes to jump across.
      • Create targets that superheroes have to hit with water balloons or baseballs.
      • Use pool noodles to create obstacles to crawl under or jump over.
      • Set up a balance beam or a rope to walk on.
      • Stack empty boxes for the superhero to bust through.
  3. Attack the Villains
    • Fill 2-liter bottles with 1-2 inches of water and decorate, if you’d like. Use bean bags to knock down the villains.
  4. Spiderman Crawl Race
    • Race in a Spiderman crouch.
  5. Captain America Shield Throw
    • Throw red and blue Frisbees into a bucket or box
    • You can also use heavier paper plates decorated like the shield.
  6. Spiderman or Spidergirl Web Shoot
    • Cut white yarn or cording into 6 – 10 yard lengths. Wind the yarn up into a ball.
    • Tie a loop at the end with a slipknot.
    • Each player places the look over the middle finger of their throwing hand. They then throw the ball of yarn to knock down stacked plastic cups or and empty plastic bottle.

Superhero Outdoor Games

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Superhero DIY Crafts

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Superhero Capes

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