The Gift of Self-Care: MindWander Box Review


Subscription boxes are gaining in popularity, there are thousands of different options out there. There are boxes for everything from clothes to meal kits and everything in-between.

Did you know there are many self-care box options? In this series, The Gift of Self-Care, I am reviewing five popular self-care boxes. 

How It Works

Each month I will be reviewing a self-care box. When I receive each box I’ll be doing an unboxing on either my Instagram or the GenTwenty Instagram. Then I will try out the products and share my review.

Each month I will review my overall thoughts of the box, as well as the products. Then at the end of the series, I’ll be writing a big comparison post. I’ll be rating the boxes in categories such as value, packaging, use of products, brand engagement and more. The review post will be linked here when it is live!

By the end of the series, it is my hope that you’ll find a box that you love that will remind you to take time out of your busy day to take care of you.

If you missed the previous reviews, check out my thoughts on Therabox, Hopebox, Feeling Fab box, and the Go Love Yourself box. We are down to our final box! Here are my thoughts about the MindWander box.

The Gift of Self-Care Part 5: MindWander box

I have enjoyed sharing my thoughts about self-care with you all over the past few months. While I have loved all of my boxes, I believe I was the most excited to check this one out. Although this box wasn’t on my radar before, I quickly found it upon doing research to determine which boxes to review. Ever since I’ve been excited to see what would be in my box. 

MindWander was created by a therapist, Dr. Sarah, who has been working in the mental health field, specifically anxiety and depression, for over ten years. On the website, she states that through this box she is able to help people around the country.

In each box she includes a workbook relating to the theme of the box. This way you go beyond “treating yourself,” and truly get practical, actionable tips on how to improve your life.

Like many other subscription boxes, you have multiple options on the type of box you receive. You can get the MindWander Mini envelope that includes the workbook and 2-3 items, or the MindWander Box includes all of that plus some extra products.

The Products

For this post I reviewed the March MindWander box. The theme of this box was about sleep.

At first I wasn’t loving that this was the theme, only because I don’t really have problems sleeping. As I dug into the workbook and tested out the products, I found myself loving the theme soon after.

I’ve been noticing that I wake up more easily/energized lately.

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The Dream MindWander box contained the following items:

  • Mini-Workbook-$5: In this workbook, there were descriptions of the products, articles about sleeping tips, and even a sleep diary.
  • Journal prompt card pack-$5: I loved these little cards. It’s something I can use again and again. 
  • Habit Tracker & Stickers-$3: I love habit tracking, but I haven’t been doing it as well as I should. Getting this in the box reminded me of how important habit tracking is. The stickers were cute also.
  • “Dream” Lavender and Vanilla Linen Spray-$15: Pillow Spray has intrigued me for a while now, but for whatever reason, I haven’t bought any to try out. I’m glad it came in this box and I love the smell of lavender. Using this pillow spray has quickly become a part of my nightly routine.
  • Hardcover Travel-Sized Notebook-$4: This was a great companion to the journal prompts. I wish it was a lined journal, but I loved the size of it.
  • Fairytale Tea From Simplicity Teas-$6: I haven’t tried this yet, at the point of me writing this. I am not a tea fan, so I may give this to a family member or friend.
  • Lavender Honey Lip Balm From Hope + Hive-$3: My lips get dry and cracked a lot. I always have chapstick or some sort of lip balm on hand. I originally didn’t see this product, so it’s not in my unboxing video if you saw it on Instagram. This lip balm is my go-to now because it smells so good and makes my lips feel great.
  • Balm Shell Cleanser-$42: At the time of writing this I haven’t used this product a lot. However, the few times I have, I have loved it. I don’t typically wear a lot of makeup, so I can’t attest to its makeup remover capabilities. What I did notice was that it left my skin feeling soft and hydrated.
  • Gemstone Organic Lullabye Elixir-$20: This product has also become a part of my nighttime routine. It’s such a simple act of spraying a tiny amount on your wrist. It has a big impact though. I feel so calm after spraying it. Combined with the pillow spray, my nighttime routine has been an ultimate source of relaxation for me.
  • Moon & Constellation Sticky Note Set-$3: I don’t use sticky notes a lot but they are helpful to have around. My favorite way to use them is to write affirmations and post on my mirror.

Overall this box was fantastic. I am giving it a 9/10. I loved everything but the tea, but I know that tea can be a great way to practice self-care so I’m glad it is in there for those that enjoy tea.

That was our last box in this Gift of Self-Care series. Keep an eye out for the big conclusion post where I will be sharing how each of the boxes compares to each other and revealing my favorites.

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