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While the term “Dremel” has become a catchall for just about any rotary tool, Dremel is actually a brand. They were the first company to produce the popular rotary tools we know and love today. 

A Dremel is a handheld rotary multitool with various attachments and accessories. It can be used for wood, glass, metal, plastic, electronics, and it is extremely useful for arts, crafts, and other projects. A Dremel is also handy when it comes to home repairs.
Types of Dremels
There are a few different types of Dremel options to choose from. The kind of Dremel you choose to invest in will be based on whatever project or household chore you need to tackle. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of rotary tools for a variety of Dremel projects.
Fixed or Corded Dremel
A corded Dremel or rotary tool requires you to be close to an outlet. The major benefit here is that you won’t have to recharge the unit regularly.
Cordless Models
A cordless rotary tool gives you the freedom to work wherever you want. It is an excellent option for Dremel projects outdoors or on the go. You just need to make sure your battery gets charged.
A lightweight Dremel is used for smaller and lighter projects. It’s also easier to store away when not in use.
Heavy Duty Models
Some Dremel projects need a little more power, and that’s where a heavy-duty Dremel comes into play. The RPMs are a bit faster, and they can be used for heavier projects.
Extended Battery Life Models
If you only need a Dremel for short projects here and there, the battery life isn’t a big concern. However, if you’re into longer, more involved Dremel projects, you’ll want something with extended battery life; otherwise, you’ll have to stop and charge up frequently.
Fixed Speed or Variable Speed Models
It’s pretty simple. A fixed speed means you’re going to get one speed, and that’s it. This is good for many projects. Variable-speed models are the way to go when you need the tool to run faster to get the job done.

Those are the basics when it comes to Dremel options. There are many styles to choose from, so when you’re ready to get one, be sure to do your research. You’ll want to make sure to invest in the best tool for the project.
Dremel Attachments
Dremel attachments are grouped into the type of jobs they do. There are four main types of attachment sets, and they’re all pretty awesome and useful in their own right.
Carving and Engraving
Dremel projects that require carving or engraving will use high-speed cutters. You’ll find engraving cutters, structured tooth carbide cutters, tungsten carbide cutters, and diamond wheel points. Some bits are for metalwork while others are for glass, wood, and plastic.
Routing Attachments
Here, you’ll find router bits that consist of straight, keyhole, corner, and groove. Your Dremel can be turned into a plunge router making wood Dremel projects a breeze.
Drill Bits
Turn your Dremel into a drill by using drill bit attachments. They come in a variety of sizes, making them convenient for tasks that go beyond basic DIY Dremel projects.
Grinding and Sanding Attachments
Grind, sand, and polish things using some of these attachments. There are sets of different grinding stones, sanding drums, buffers, cutting discs, and more.
DIY Dremel Projects to Try at Home
Now that we’ve covered the basics of a Dremel, we can move on to the fun stuff. There are so many great projects you can do using a Dremel, and below you’ll find something from beginner to advanced.

Before we jump in, I want to say that any time you use a Dremel, be sure to wear safety glasses. With that in mind, check out some of our favorite Dremel projects to try at home.
Engraving Glass
Engraved glass makes a beautiful gift for any occasion. You can freehand a design or create a template guide to trace and follow. This Dremel project requires diamond-coated ball-shaped bits. Upcycle old glass bottles or decorate drinking glasses.
Find the plans on YouTube Wooden Spoons
Carving wooden spoons are excellent Dremel projects for beginners. In this video, the crafter uses a wooden board to shape and create his spoon. There isn’t much to it, it’s fairly easy, and you can design it to add your personality. Use it in the kitchen or as a decoration.
Find the plans on YouTube Rock Carving
A Dremel makes rock carving a little easier. You’ll need a silicon carbide grinding stone attachment for softer rocks, while harder rocks require a diamond bit. All you need is the rotary tool, bits, a bowl of water, and a clamp (which is optional).

The trick is to use a slow-speed setting. These instructions break it down and provide some tips. Make rocks for your garden or turn them into cool jewelry.
Find the plans at Crafting a Green World Upcycled CD Backsplash
This Dremel project is a great way to upcycle old CDs, and it looks incredible. You could use a scissor to cut the CDs into the desired shape, but a rotary tool is more efficient.

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An alternative is to use a diamond cutting wheel Dremel attachment which makes it much easier, and the cuts will look better and cleaner.
Find the plans at Instructables Engraved Candles
Turn an ordinary plain candle into a beautiful piece of art with this project. Simply draw or print your design, then use a thick needle to pierce the pattern design. Remove the paper and get to work using a Dremel engraver attachment on a low setting. Low and slow is the best approach since you’re dealing with wax.
Find the plans at Cut Out and Keep Wine Bottle Cloche
Keep your plants warm during cold spells or keep candles lit outside in the wind with these incredibly useful wine bottle cloches. For this Dremel project, you’ll need a diamond bit in order to cut the glass wine bottle.
Find the plans at Crafting a Green World Engraving Leather Bracelets
These instructions give you the details on how to create an engraved bracelet, and all the tools or pieces you’ll need. If you don’t want to make the leather bracelet, you could likely use an old one with the snaps already connected and simply engrave it. You’ll need sanding bands to carve this piece.
Find the plans at Instructables Tiny Barbecue Grill
I think this is one of my favorite Dremel projects on the list. I know the grill is tiny and can only cook one hot dog or a small burger but isn’t it cute?

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You may have to look around to find a couple of the required items unless you have old computer power supplies around. This Altoids tin grill is one of the more unique Dremel projects I have found.
Find the plans at Instructables Carved Sandstone Candle Holder
Unless you already have the sandstone blocks cut down to the size you desire, you’ll need a rod saw. A high-speed rotary tool with a grinding bit is used to flatten the ends to make sure they sit flat. From here, you can mark your design using a marking pencil or high-speed diamond bit. It’s a beautiful project, but it requires a bit of skill.
Find the plans at Instructables Etched Wooden Signs
This woodworking project can be incredibly simple, depending on the design or pattern you choose. All you need is the wood, a Dremel, carving tips, engraving tips, sandpaper, and paint or finish.

Make a welcome sign or a piece of art to hang somewhere. It’s a pretty good project for beginners and a great way to get comfortable using a Dremel if you’ve never used one before. This etched wood sign would make a fantastic housewarming gift or wedding present for newlyweds.
Find the plans at Home Beautifully Coin Rings
This is another one of my favorites on this list. The project isn’t very complicated, but it is time consuming. You can use any coins you’d like, including some of those extra coins left over from the arcade or pizza joints. It’s a thoughtful gift, and if you make one, you may find yourself making many.
Find the plans on YouTube
The more you work with a Dremel and learn which attachments and bits work best for different projects, the more fun you’ll have. There are so many possibilities and projects to do. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, it can be a lot of fun. Which of these Dremel projects did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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