Okay, my friends!  Let’s talk kids lunches for school days.  Do you struggle with keeping kids’ lunches affordable?  They can be quite expensive, so it is important to put focus on how to save money on kids’ school lunches to keep your budget in check.

Best Tips for Saving Money on Kids’ School Lunches
Check for program eligibility. Depending on your household income, you might be able to qualify for either free or discounted school lunches.  When it comes time to register your child for school, be sure to check out the eligibility requirements for the reduced lunch program at school.  Many people find that they qualify for free lunches. If you qualify for discounted lunches, you can often get lunches for as low as just $0.35 each!  Additionally, many school districts offer free breakfast for kids too (regardless of income), so this is a good thing to take advantage of. Pack lunches.  Unless you qualify for free or reduced lunches, packing your kids’ lunches is a great idea.  You can make sure your children eat foods that you are happy with, and you can save money, especially if you use home-made food as opposed to pre-packaged lunch items. Coupon.  One thing that I love about kids’ lunch items is that these are often the kinds of food that you can find coupons for.  This is a great way to save money on your kids’ lunches. Meal Prep.  Meal prepping is great for saving time and money.  This is no different when we are discussing kids’ lunches.  Cook a large amount of something during the weekend and split it up by 5 for 5 days of lunches for the kids. Use Leftovers.  During the weeknights, pack up leftovers from each nights dinner for the kids’ lunches the next day.  
What ways have you found to save money on kids’ lunches?
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