9 Secrets About Everyday Items That Will Make Your Life Easier


stuff you're using wrong

They say you learn something new every day. And as someone who has been around for over twenty thousand days at this point (thanks calculator!), I really do think that’s true!

You never stop learning new things, from a new piece of trivia to the correct lyrics to a song you’ve unknowingly butchered for years. And I hope today’s blog post will be another learning opportunity for you, because we’re going to be talking about everyday objects that either people use the wrong way, or that have hidden features that are easily missed.

So put on your thinking cap, and get ready to learn something new and surprising about the stuff you use every day! :-)

9 Everyday Objects You Use The Wrong Way

stuff you're using wrong

1. Bobby Pins

If you put bobby pins in your hair with the wave side facing up, you’ve been wearing them the wrong way for years! The ridges on the wavy side grip your hair more effectively and help keep the bobby pin from slipping or sliding around.

Try it out for yourself by pinning a section of your hair back, first with the wavy side facing up, then again with the wavy side facing down. It makes a noticeable difference!

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stuff you're using wrong

2. Plastic Wrap

Ever noticed that most boxes of plastic wrap have perforated half-circles on each end? You’re supposed to press those inward, forming tabs that will keep the plastic wrap roll in place while you unspool it. (Trust me, they make plastic wrap a lot easier to use!)

stuff you're using wrong

3. Mascara

Many women have a habit of pumping their mascara brush in and out of the bottle, but that’s actually a bad idea for a couple of reasons! First, it introduces a lot more air into the mascara itself, which is nearly guaranteed to dry it out faster.

And second, pumping the brush forms air bubbles within the mascara, which can result in uneven or even messy application. For longer-lasting mascara that’s easier to apply, pump the brakes on pumping your mascara wand!

stuff you're using wrong

4. Plungers

There are two different types of plungers, and many people end up using the wrong kind for the wrong task! Sink plungers have a rubber cup with a flat bottom that will form a seal around a sink drain.

Toilet plungers, on the other hand, have more of a mushroom-shaped cup. The wider top and tapered bottom allows this plunger to fit into a toilet pipe and form the necessary seal for plunging. Check your plungers to make sure you’re using the right ones!

stuff you're using wrong

5. Pasta Spoon

If your pasta spoon is the type that has one hole in the center, you may be surprised to learn that hole isn’t just for draining water. You can also use it to measure out the right amount of spaghetti noodles!

The amount of spaghetti noodles that will fit through the center hole is about one serving of pasta. Use your pasta spoon to help eliminate the guesswork when you make your next pasta dish!

stuff you're using wrong

6. Toilet Paper

Do you hang your toilet paper rolls over or under? This simple question has sparked a surprisingly contentious debate, but illustrations from an 1891 patent show that the inventor of perforated toilet paper rolls fell firmly in the “over” camp!

The main advantages of hanging a roll of toilet paper roll this way is that it’s easier to unspool and find the end, and it can even be a bit more sanitary because the end is kept away from the bathroom wall. The more you know!

stuff you're using wrong

7. Foundation

There’s nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty, but it may not be the best approach for applying foundation! Applying foundation with your fingers can produce streaky results, and you’re very likely transferring bacteria from your hands to your face too.

Luckily, there are a lot of useful tools for applying foundation that are more effective and hygienic than your fingers. I personally use a foundation brush, while others prefer to use a makeup sponge (but as long as you clean them regularly, either one is a great option!)

stuff you're using wrong

8. Instant Pot

Not sure what to do with the lid once you take it off your Instant Pot after cooking something? It actually has a built-in lid holder you may not have noticed before!

The handles on each side of the Instant Pot base have rectangular holes, which are the same size as the rectangular protrusions on the sides of the lid. Just insert one side of the lid into one of the handle holes, and it’ll stay securely propped upright!

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stuff you're using wrong

9. Athletic Shoes

Some athletic shoes have an extra eyelet way at the top of the shoe, and while it’s easy enough to ignore, it serves an important purpose! It makes it easier to tie your shoes more tightly, which offers better protection and support for your ankles.

Using that extra eyelet can also help alleviate chafing and prevent blisters!

Have you ever learned something new and eye-opening about an everyday object?

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