How many times have you gone to the grocery store and forgot your reusable shopping bags? Probably more times than you can count, which is exactly why you need a low waste kit for your car.


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Having a low waste kit ensures that you’re always prepared and never forget the tools you need to live more sustainably. I promise that it is easy and the list is fairly short.

The key to having a low waste kit is that no matter where you go if you don’t have the things you need in your purse, then you have your backups in your vehicle. I encourage you to do this for each of the vehicles you own so that you have no reason to use a single-use plastic bag or straw.
Low Waste Kit For When You’re On The Go
These are all the things I personally keep in my car and recommend you include within your kit.
1 // Reusable shopping bags & produce bags
When it comes to reusable shopping bags, I have a few different brands, but my favorites are from Crapchute and Not A Trace, Co. They are both substantial in size and what they can hold, yet lightweight.

The Crapchute bags tuck into themselves, which makes them perfect for putting in your purse or storing in your car.

[For any Crapchute purchase, use coupon code CHUTIES15 for 15% off your order.]

For reusable produce bags, I am LOVING Green Catus Bag’s produce bags! They are cute, lightweight and can fit anywhere. I also use them for traveling. I even washed them after a recent trip and they washed up perfectly.
2 // Reusable water bottle
How many times have you run errands wishing you had your reusable water bottle? Probably too many to admit.

By having a backup reusable water bottle, you are always prepared. I try to always leave one in my cup holder, as this encourages me to use it versus driving through somewhere to get an unnecessary single-use cup. [Yes, I’m human and do things to remind me to live sustainably.]

The Not A Trace, Co. Infuser Bottle is my FAVORITE!
3 // Fork, Knife, Spoon, & Cloth Napkin
This is a simple solution to horrible single-use silverware. Don’t spend your money on purchasing silverware. Just get a set out of your home and use a cloth napkin to wrap them into for storage. This also is an easy way to ensure you always have a napkin.

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4 // Food storage containers
Honestly, this is one I’m still working on, but I believe is necessary to ensure you don’t use a styrofoam container as your to-go container when eating at a restaurant.

By having a food storage container in your car, you can easily grab it when you go out to eat. Put it in your purse and then you don’t have to wait on the waiter to bring you a container.

I often get asked what food storage containers I use, so here are the three I have used for about 3 years and LOVE:
Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers [2 compartments] Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers [3 compartments] Wean Green Glass Food Storage Containers, 16 piece set 5 // Reusable Straws
I like to have a few on hand so that if someone is with me, I can hand them one versus using a single-use straw. I have a variety of straws that I like to use, but my favorite so far has been the larger size straw from Not A Trace, Co. It is for smoothies, but it satisfies my thirst quicker than a normal size straw.

There are also bamboo, glass, and silicone straws that you can use, but I prefer stainless steel.

These are the things I have in my low waste kit and what I recommend you have in your kit.

The only other thing I would recommend if bulk shopping is an option for you are glass jars. This way you don’t have to use plastic bags the store provides. I don’t have the option to bulk shop, so that is why I don’t have them within my kit.

Remember, it isn’t about being perfect, but setting yourself up for success whenever possible. Give yourself grace when you aren’t perfect and celebrate when you do get it right! This is a journey, so enjoy it!
Additional Tips for your Low Waste Kit
Here are a few additional tips that I think are the key to a successful low waste kit:
After unpacking and putting away everything from a shopping trip, put your bags back in your kit. Store your kit either in the back floorboard of your car or in the trunk. You can use your largest reusable bag for storing everything in your low waste kit. Have a backup set of silverware and extra cloth napkin for your kit. When you get home from a trip, swap out your dirty silverware and napkin for a clean set, and put the clean set in your kit right away. Treat your low waste kit like it is a chore to keep at 100%. What I mean by this is if you need to clean something before returning it to your kit, put it back in your kit once it is clean. Do not put it by the door hoping you grab it on your way out the next morning.
Once you get your own kit put together, be sure to share it on social media and tag me [@thetannehillhomestead] so that I can see and share it to encourage other people within this community to do the same!

If you’ve already started putting together a low waste kit, comment below with your progress. I want to know all about what you keep in it and how you make sure it is 100% stocked at all times!
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