I’ve got something so exciting to share with you today.

This is something I have dreamed of creating for years and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to actually do it!

What I have created is something that is going to make your smoothies filling so you don’t feel hungry from one meal to the next.  

I have created…

Green Thickies Hunger Buster Meal Replacement Powder!!!
What Is A Homemade Meal Replacement Powder?
It is a smoothie powder that is healthy, made from real, clean food, unprocessed, natural, delicious and filling.   You can use it as a meal replacement by adding it to your smoothies. 

It is free from chemicals and toxins and bursting with nutrients.

It is one of my 20 ‘fillers’.

I have a secret smoothie filler system where one of my Green Thickie ingredients is always a ‘filler’.

A Green Thickie is a green meal in a glass and having a filler is an essential part of making a meal that contains enough calories to fill you up from one meal to the next AND also help you lose weight.

A filler is something that fills you up and keeps you going from one meal to the next.

I have 20 of them and most of them were unprocessed clean ingredients apart from 2 of them which were (healthier) packet foods.

I didn’t want any packet mixes to form part of my 20 smoothie fillers so I set out to create my own smoothie powder mix.

So what’s the advantage of using a homemade smoothie powdered mix over any of the other fillers?

Some of the other fillers are fruit and vegetables and require peeling and chopping. So they take a little bit more time.

And the fillers that aren’t fruit and veg are single ingredients such as nuts, seeds or coconut.

These are all great healthy foods – but they don’t give you a variety of different healthy ingredients all within the one smoothie.
8 amazing benefits of Green Thickies 2 Minute Homemade Replacement Powder It takes seconds to add it to your smoothie It is long lasting It contains a variety of different ingredients that are beneficial for your health It contains flavours that make your smoothie out of this world tasty You can even add ingredients to this meal replacement powder that colour your smoothie and turn it from green to pink or purple every time You can customise your meal replacement powder to your individual tastes, special diet, and include nutrients that you need more of in your diet You could even make different meal replacement powders, all with different ingredients and have a different one every day It is a hunger buster that will make sure you can last from one meal to another without hunger How to make your own Homemade Hunger Buster Meal Replacement Powder
There are just 2 steps involved in making this smoothie powder mix and I will explain them both in detail further down.  The 2 steps are:
Add your filler base Add your extras (flavours, nutrients and colours) How to choose your filler base
For the filler base I selected 4 ingredients that work perfectly in a smoothie.  

You can choose just one of these as your base or a combination. I used a combination of all of them and they all taste great and blend well in a smoothie.
Oat Flour (113 calories per ¼ cup) Coconut Flour (120 calories per ¼ cup) Green Banana Flour (100 calories per ¼ cup) Sweet Potato Flour (120 calories per ¼ cup)
One serving is ¼ cup of meal replacement powder per smoothie serving.

Most of my Green Thickie Recipes serve 2 so if you are using my Green Thickies recipes, most of the time you will use about ½ cup of meal replacement powder per batch (2 servings).

You can add this meal replacement powder to any of these Green Thickies Recipes.

So by all means you can just use some of these powders on their own in your smoothies without even making up a mix at all.

But if you want to take things to the next level and create a meal replacement powder for yourself, I’ll show you how to add some other ingredients in a second.

Before I do that I want to break down these filler bases and give you some reasons why you would choose one base over another. I’ll also give you some helpful tips with each filler base.
4 Filler Bases For You To Choose From 1) Oat Flour Benefits Of Oats As A Meal Replacement
Oats are low in calories but high in fiber which means they fill you up and keep you from going hungry.  

This means you are more likely to lose weight. If you’re not hungry you won’t eat so much!

They also absorb a lot of water and swell in a liquid. So they are perfect for creating a thick smoothie like a Green Thickies – as your smoothie will be more like a meal and less like a drink.

Oats are very cheap – you can buy them at your local store.

Rolled/porridge oats are already heat treated so you can throw them straight into your smoothie without having to cook them.

The benefits of using oat flour rather than oat flakes is because it’s much easier for your blender to blend and it’s easier to mix with other ingredients in a meal replacement powder.

Did you know you can actually make oat flour very quickly using rolled oats – just using your blender?  

All you need to do is place at least 3 cups of rolled oats (the more the better) into your blender and blend.  Within seconds you will have oat flour!
Where To Buy Oat Flour?

If you don’t want to make your own oat flour, you can now buy oat flour from Amazon. Get your oat flour here.
2) Coconut Flour Benefits Of Coconut As A Meal Replacement
Ah the mighty coconut! We hear so much about the benefits of coconut, so why not base your smoothie on this superfood?

Coconuts are nutritious, high in fiber and contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals.  

Coconuts are great for weight loss and they are also anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasite!

If you are on a grain free diet – coconut flour is a good option.  

You can get your coconut flour here.
3) Green Banana Flour
What on earth is green banana flour?

Banana flour isn’t that well known but if you are trying to lose weight or enjoy the best health you can get – this is definitely something to get excited about!

Banana flour is made from green bananas and nothing else at all. Green bananas contain a lot of resistant starch which is a type of fiber that the body can’t digest. Which means that it bulks out your meals with less calories. 

It is widely used in Africa as it’s cheaper than wheat flour there. You can actually replace wheat in any recipe with green banana flour! (Use 30% less banana flour than wheat flour)

This is a light and fluffy flour and surprisingly it doesn’t actually taste of bananas!
Benefits of Green Banana Flour As A Meal Replacement
Green banana flour is lower in calories than any of the other flours – which means you can use more of it! (Remember this meal replacement powder is to be used to make a MEAL in a glass, not a skinny starvation smoothie snack!)

Green Banana powder is gluten free and grain free so perfect for most special diets.

It is also so high in nutrients that it has been shown to lower the risk of many diseases.  

You can get your green banana flour here.
4) Sweet Potato Flour
‘Whooaa!’ I hear you saying – ‘this is a step too far!!’

‘First of all you asked me to put sweet potato in my smoothie, and now you’re asking me to put sweet potato powder in my smoothie Katherine. Really?’

I hear you!
Benefits Of Sweet Potato As A Meal Replacement
No doubt you’ve heard how nutritious sweet potatoes are?

Sweet potatoes have a fairly low glycemic index which means they are likely to keep your blood sugar levels stable – helping you avoid cravings.

They are also high in fiber and low in calories for the amount of bulk you get.

Sweet potatoes are one of my very favourite smoothie fillers because they are a vegetable and have so many nutrients are are fairly low in fat.  Plus they make smoothies taste sweet and tasty. They also thicken up smoothies really well too.

I am lucky because I can get frozen sweet potato chunks that I can throw straight in my blender.  (Yes you can eat sweet potato raw and it’s a lot better for you that way – the nutrients are a lot higher).  

But if I couldn’t get frozen sweet potato I would be more tempted to use a powder more often.  

So sweet potato powder is perfect for you for the days when you can’t be bothered to peel and chop a sweet potato. (They can be pretty tough to chop raw!)

You can get your sweet potato flour here.
How Much Quantity Of Filler Base To Use?
This depends how big you want your batch of meal replacement powder to be. What I would suggest you do it make just one serving of smoothie mix first and see if you like it. If you do like it, make a big batch.

If you want enough meal replacement powder to last for a month (1 smoothie a day), add 8 cups of filler base to a large container. (Full recipe further on)

Now it’s time to add some flavour!
How To Improve The Flavor And Nutrition Of Your Meal Replacement Powder (flavours, nutrients and colours)
Here is a list of extras you can add to make your meal replacement powder taste delicious, look beautiful and add additional superfood nourishment.
How much of these extras should I add to the meal replacement powder?
Add approximately 1 teaspoon of any of these meal replacement powders per serving. (Unless otherwise states) So if you are making a batch that lasts for a month, add 30 teaspoons of any of the following.  

Feel free to mix and match as you choose. Only add the ingredients that you like.  
Meal Replacement Powder Flavor & Nutrient Extras
Turmeric: Reduces inflammation  (buy here)

Beetroot powder: Turns smoothie pink and helps to lower blood pressure. (buy here)

Vanilla powder: Adds delicious flavour and helps to improve your mood (buy here)

Mango powder: Adds delicious fruity flavour and reduces acidity in the body (buy here)

Banana powder: Adds delicious fruity flavour and good for bowel regularity (buy here)

Blueberry powder: Adds delicious fruity flavour and good for warding off heart disease (buy here)

Cacao powder: Adds delicious chocolate flavour and good for lowering high cholesterol (buy here)

Lucuma powder:  Tastes like ice cream. Rich in iron which improves the transportation of oxygen into cells (buy here)

Ground ginger: Adds delicious spicy flavour and good for reducing muscle pain and soreness (buy here)

Sea salt: A pinch per serving balances out the taste and adds minerals (buy here)

Cinnamon: Adds delicious flavour and good for fighting diabetes (This is my favourite cinnamon as it’s got a more intense flavour)

Goji berry powder: Promotes healthy skin and immune system (buy here)

Baobab powder: Highest antioxidant levels of all fruit which reduces signs of ageing (buy here)

Acai berry powder: Helps you lose weight and reduces the negative effects of a high-fat diet (buy here)

Stevia: Adds delicious sweet flavour with no extra calories (only use ⅛ teaspoon per serving. I recommend you taste test stevia with one smoothie before adding it to the entire batch as this can make or break the taste of your smoothie. I tend to use stevia directly to my smoothie if it needs sweetening as I don’t want to use this every day, so I personally didn’t add stevia to my own meal replacement powder.) (buy here)
Can I add protein to this meal replacement powder?
The intention of this homemade meal replacement powder is to provide calories and nutrients, not necessarily protein as that is a separate ingredient in a Green Thickie.  

Although most whole foods do contain protein so there is definitely protein in this meal replacement powder, but we will add more protein to our Green Thickies as part of the recipe.

I am currently working on a homemade protein powder which will be a separate recipe – so watch this space!
How To Store The Meal Replacement Powder
If you have room for this powder mix in your fridge, that is the best place for it as it will keep it the freshest.

But since most of these ingredients came from packets, it is fine to store this mix in a large container (glass is best, but plastic will do the job too) close to your blender.
Green Thickies 2-Minute Hunger Buster Meal Replacement Powder Recipe Print 2 Minute Smoothie Powder Mix Recipe: Homemade Hunger Buster
The entire recipe for 1 month’s worth of smoothie mix is:
Author: Katherine Kyle Total Time: 2 Minutes Yield: Serves 30 Ingredients 8 Cups of filler base of your choice such as coconut flour or a combination 30 teaspoons of any smoothie extras listed above (1 cup contains 39 teaspoons) Instructions Take a large bowl and mix your filler base and smoothie extras together Pour into a large container and throw in a ¼ cup measuring cup to make it easy for you to scoop this out every day. (Get your measuring cup scoops here) Add ¼ cup of Green Thickies Smoothie Powder Mix to every serving of smoothie you make. If you are following a Green Thickie recipe that serves 2 – use ½ cup for the whole batch. Where you see the word ‘filler’ in a Green Thickie recipe, this is where you add this smoothie powder mix. Nutrition Serving Size: 1/4 cup
Although this post is quite long because there are so many options, this smoothie powder mix is actually really quick to throw together. It should take you just 2 minutes after you’ve decided which ingredients are going in it.

I can’t wait to hear which ingredients you used in your own healthy meal replacement powder.

Please leave a comment below and let me know how you liked this.

If you would like to get your hands on 9 of my tasty green smoothie recipes to try this meal replacement powder with, I’d love to give you a FREE download.

You can add ¼ cup of Smoothie Powder Mix to each serving of smoothie in this download.  

I know you may not have time to digest all this right now, so I wanted to give you a handy print out of this blog post so you can stick it on your fridge to help you on your journey to optimal health.

Get my 9 Gorgeous Green Smoothie Recipes by clicking here.

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