It’s Ikea Time! A Fun, Rainy Day Visit: Part Three


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Disclaimer:  I have not been paid to promote any products or stores, just wanted to share my smiles from our latest shopping trip x

Hello Honeys
Back again with the third, and final part of our fun, rainy day visit to my official happy place... Ikea! During the first two posts we looked at beautiful living room, bedroom and dorm room displays and then at some gorgeous kitchen displays too.

This final post is basically a round up of lots of little interesting items we spotted on our wander around the store 💖  This includes a new product called TEMPERERAD which I'll admit (until I looked at the back of the packaging) I genuinely had no idea what this pretty brass item was or what it was supposed to do.  Of course now that I know what it is I feel ridiculously silly but we're getting ahead of ourselves 😊    

There are quite a few photos in this final post dear ones so why not grab a cuppa and maybe a cookie and meet me back here in a few minutes and we'll have a wander through the assorted bits and bobs and come new products we discovered on our latest visit...

Welcome back honeys, do you have your cuppa?  Me too 😊 let's take a look shall we?

The RÅSKOG trolley has been joined by a smaller model named RÅSHULT
Yes, that's right honeys, the much loved RÅSKOG trolley has been joined by a smaller model named RÅSHULT...

As you can see the two trolleys appear to be exactly alike except for the size difference.  Ikea have also dropped the price of the RÅSKOG trolley from £50 down to £39 and it says on the website that the trolley is available at this reduced price until next year or while stocks last.

Does this mean they are retiring the RÅSKOG trolley from their range?  I really hope not because it's such a popular product and can be seen all over Pinterest and in blogs everywhere being put to so many different uses.

The new smaller version of this much loved trolley is named RÅSHULT and appears to be equally sturdily made, just smaller is all.  It's priced at £29 so it affordable and I'm sure will be just as popular as the RÅSKOG trolley has been.

Another new product, connected to the RÅSKOG trolley, is the HÖGSMA chopping board.  How is a chopping board connected to this much loved trolley I hear you ask?

Well, it acts as a "lid" or work surface that sits snuggly and perfectly on top of the trolley and (very) effectively turns it into a very cool, very mobile take-it-where-you-need-it mini island. Genius!

This allows the top tier of the trolley (in our kitchen anyway :) to be used to store all of the additional tiny items that clutter up the cutlery drawer such as measuring spoons, my little hand grater, ice cream spoons, pastry brush, lettuce knife, bag holder (clever little gadget that holds the bags while I fill them with fruits etc to make up smoothie bags for the freezer) tea strainer etc...

I just lined the base of the trolley trays with drawer liner to prevent things sliding around inside and then used two clear acrylic storage bins to organise all of the little items.  Whoever came up with the idea of the HÖGSMA chopping board, thank you and at only £9 it'll pay for itself countless times over in our little kitchen. 💖

All Change For The HYLLIS Shelving Unit
Do you remember our large storage cupboard project honeys?  We used one of the HYLLIS shelving units, which as you can see we covered in a pretty daisy print, self adhesive vinyl.

Yuk! I just spotted the scratched paint work on that door frame, I'm so glad it was painted I'd forgotten how awful it looked when we started work on that cupboard.  Focus Rosie! Opps, sorry honeys 😊

As I was saying, these are such great little storage units because they're sturdy (made from galvanised steel with little plastic clip on feet) and each shelf can hold lots of things.  We used ours inside a cupboard so it didn't really matter but it might be best to firmly attach it to a wall especially if you have little ones around honeys. Always better to be safe.

Well, Ikea have outdone themselves and managed to improve on this clever storage unit by adding a see through cover that can protect the shelves contents from dust or even turn the unit into an indoor or outdoor greenhouse for balconies or patios.  The shelves are accessible via the zip fastening.       

If you already have one of these clever shelving units, the covers can be bought separately and aren't even all that expensive.  The cover for the tall shelving unit is £3 on its own or can be bought with the shelving unit as a complete set for £13.

There is a cover available for the smaller HYLLIS shelving unit too and again it's very affordable at only £2 on its own or bought with the shelving unit they come as a set for £9.

This is such a great idea honeys.  It's too late in the year now for outside work but maybe next spring when we're working on the back garden (still haven't managed to set up our seating area out there) it might be lovely to add a little greenhouse 🌹

MUNSBIT Oat Smoothies 
On our wanders around the store we spotted these randomly placed little bottles of oat smoothies honeys...

I actually meant to pick up a couple of each but I seem to have no attention span recently and forgot to lift them before we wandered off.  I'll try to add them to our list before our next visit, whenever that is 😊

They do sound lovely!  One of the smoothies has apple, pear and ginger with oats and the other has blackcurrant, blueberry and acerola cherries with oats.  I'm quite annoyed with myself for not picking them up, oh well, next time 😊

TEMPERERAD - A Very Smart Idea!
I have to admit honeys, I had no idea what this product was until I looked at the back of the packaging 😖   I mean, clearly the little scoop is to scoop something but what?  And what does the long copper coloured accessory do? Such a clever idea!

It is of course a measuring spoon to scoop out your coffee from it's bag (does anyone buy coffee in bags? Ours is always in a jar) and the long accessory supplied with the scoop acts as a bag clip to seal the bag closed by crossing the two balls at the end.  The small loop at the other end then acts as a home for the measuring spoon to be stored in...

Told you it was clever 😊  Now, I'm not a coffee drinker but my much loved Brother-in-law is and he tells me this would be very useful when making espresso ☕

Worth noting is another new product, and similarly useful too I think, called TRÅDLÖS which you can see here.  As with the TEMPERERAD set, it's also a two piece set, also made from brass and includes a tea measure and a honey drip.

This useful little set isn't available to buy at our Ikea branch but I can order it for delivery according to the website.  I think I'll add a set of each to my next online order.  I might not drink coffee but Hubby does and everybody loves a new gadget 😊  At £2.50 for the TEMPERERAD set and only £2 for the TRÅDLÖS set they're not expensive either.  

Beautiful SPRÄNGÖRT duvet cover set and VÅRRUTA bedspread
I'm trying so hard to be good honeys, I really am.  I adore a beautifully made bed.  A perfectly made, beautifully-adorned-with-pretty-bedding bed is the starting point to the oasis of calm that your bedroom should always be (in my humble opinion :)

It's also the easiest, fastest way to tackle an untidy room I think.  There is something about making the bed that immediately lifts the rest of the room.  A freshly made bed also makes a great space to fold laundry before putting it away and... I'm going off at a tangent again dear ones 😊  Focus Rosie!

Now, what was I talking about?  Oh yes, me and my problem with lovely bedding sets 💖  I love them you see.  I love them the way Carrie Bradshaw loved her shoes.  More even 💖  This has led me to a far-too-many-bedding-sets situation.  So, as I said.  I'm trying really hard to be good and not buy anymore. Not even a little throw cushion 😐  Even when I turn a corner and see this...

Aren't they pretty honeys?  The duvet cover set is called SPRÄNGÖRT and the bedspread is VÅRRUTA.  They look perfect together and such lovely autumn colours and... NO Rosie! No, no, no! Be strong!

They had the duvet cover set out on display in the bed section too.  Fiendish Ikea trying to tempt me with their beautiful bedding sets 😊

It is stunning honeys but since our bedding cupboard is on my list to declutter buying new sets to take home seems very silly.  Also, since we actually already own a very similar set, duvet set and matching bedspread, in pastel blue that makes it doubly daft!  It is a beautiful set but I must be strong 😊

Beautiful VALSGÅRD door mat...
Another item I'm kicking myself for not putting into our trolley honeys, is this gorgeous coir doormat with a latex backing...

Isn't it gorgeous?  I really think I need to add this to our next online order.  You might have read in a past post why reindeer mean so much to me and in fact the doormat currently outside our front door  also has a deer/stag on it...

Love this 💗  The cheeky little slogan of "welcome home deer" still makes me smile, I know it's silly but it still makes me smile 😄 I really should have brought one of those mats home honeys.  I'll add it to our basket on our next online shop.  Maybe it'll go some way towards soothing the bedding sets ban I've imposed on myself 😊

Pretty Designs For The DRÖNA Storage Cubes..
Everyone seems to love the DRÖNA storage cubes, I know I do.  I was so pleased to see the pretty new designs they've got in store...

I can't even choose a favourite honeys, I like all of them 💗  Luckily I didn't have to choose because we already have two of them sitting upstairs waiting to find a place to be useful 😊 They may not be in these pretty new designs but I'm sure we'll find a use for them somewhere in the ongoing re-organisation of our home 🏡

OMBYTE: A Limited Collection For People On The Move...
OMBYTE is a new range of products for "people on the move."  The item that caught my eye was the enormous tape dispenser and matching brightly coloured tapes. You can see how large they are when compared to the Ikea catalogue.

How cool are those washi type tapes honeys?  I watched the video on the Ikea website and it would seem (I think) that this is a collection aimed at people moving home?  It will only be available for a limited time as they've done before with other collections. If you want to have a look at the other products in the range you can see them here.

Weddings at Ikea!
While walking through the tables and chairs section we saw this honeys...

It looked so pretty!  I've had a look on their website but I can't see any mention of bridal items.  The items that form this display all seem to be taken from the Ikea range though.  They've just been re-purposed 😊  The chalk board is from the children's section, there's a sweet welcome message printed and placed into a FISKBO frame, the golden art deco style napkin holder can be found in the kitchenware section and all of the gorgeous flowers are Ikea's too 💖

SOLVINDEN battery operated ladybird light chain
Seriously honeys, how adorable are these darling little ladybirds?

This sweet little string of 12 led lights are battery powered and are about to disappear!  The Ikea website have "last chance" on the product page so they may have been part of the summer range. 

They really are adorable, aren't they honeys? Who can resist a ladybird 💗 🐞🐞

To The Clearance Section...
Last, but not least in our bits & bobs post was a bit of a surprise I spotted in the clearance section.  I can't remember ever seeing bolts of fabric there before, but there they were 😊

Three assorted length bolts of fabric.  Does anyone remember seeing bolts of fabric in the clearance section before honeys?  I don't.  These will be a bargain for any dressmakers or crafters.  I used to sew quite a lot at one time but I haven't done any sewing for a long time.  I do like that fabric with the brightly coloured sunglasses 💗

Well, we finally got to the end honeys! Phew!  Thank you so much for keeping me company 💖

Do you have a favourite section of Ikea?  Have you seen anything fabulous on recent visits there?  If so, why not share in the comments section.

Till next time dear ones, smile lots and hug even more, hugs always 💖

Part one of this fun Ikea trip can be found here honeys.  It has lovely living rooms, bedrooms and, since it's back to school time, some very cool dorm room ideas too.

Part two is stuffed full of beautiful kitchens and the most organised laundry room space.  Oh, how I'd love a laundry/utility room 💖💖💖

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