Life without coffee would be unimaginable for some people

Some people even drink coffee not only in the morning but also during other parts of the day. If you love coffee, you probably want to have a cup in hand whenever you need that caffeine fix. However, if you would rather enjoy a good cup at home instead of in a coffee shop, then having your own coffee station in your kitchen is recommended. By having a particular space in your home to house everything you need to make coffee, you can enjoy a cup or two faster. Your coffee station will surely be a hit among your friends, too, when you invite them to your home. After all, who does not enjoy a cup of coffee, right?

With some modifications, you can turn your kitchen into a coffee station. If you have empty cabinets, available countertops, or a mobile bar cart in your kitchen, you are good to go. Add some tables, carts, or any accessories that suit your style, and your kitchen coffee station will be so lovely that you may not want to leave it. Space should not be an issue. Just ensure that you have all the essentials to make that perfect cup of coffee anytime you need to perk things up. What is good about having your coffee station is that aside from being functional, it also serves as an accent to your home. Anyone who would see it would surely wish to have it in their home, too.

If you are looking for kitchen coffee station ideas for your kitchen, then we can help you. Let us start brewing!
SUSTAINABLE Eileen Kollias Design
This custom-made coffee bar area in Boston features a built-in Miele coffee maker, bar sink, and bar refrigerator.

SLEEK Dura Supreme Cabinetry
Effective storage solution made by Dura Supreme Cabinetry conveniently stores cups, saucers, and sugar close at hand.
MOSAIC TILE Packard Cabinetry of Sea Cliff
The owner wanted a coffee machine, along with all the drawers below for coffees, tea, filters, and cups in the cabinets.
FUN ZONE The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn
You will love this small corner because it houses the coffee supplies, bar fridge, and a tiny buffet spot for entertaining.
TRENDY Studio Revolution
This contemporary kitchen is a treat for a coffee lover. Notice that one part of it features all the needs for having a warm cup of coffee at any time of the day.
FARMHOUSE Dura Supreme Cabinetry
This modern farmhouse kitchen features a gorgeous mix of navy blue painted and gray stained Hickory cabinets that is sure to be an eye-catcher.
RETRACTABLE Paul N. Brow, Architect, LLC
Gray coffee bar cabinet with retractable doors. It also features internal lighting & wall-mounted pot filler.
VINTAGE Amber Hopman
Warm up your day with this hot drink station that features a lovely shelf from Hobby Lobby. 
Take delight in this elegant coffee station with enough space to contain coffee maker, cups and saucers, sink, and storage cabinets for supplies.
RANCH Rosalind Brinn Pope Interior Design
This coffee station features a barn style door, painted in a deep taupe. It has open shelving, bar sink, a microwave oven, and storage behind the barn door.
Coffee Station Ideas – The Essentials
You need some essential elements or things if you want to start having your own home coffee station. Probably one of the most important is a mug. Fill your home coffee station with your favorite mugs or cups. If you want something classic, go for an all-white mug collection. If you wish, you can also go for whatever your favorite color is. After all, adding a personal touch is important. You can also pump things up by having mugs or cups that match the coffee you will make. For example, get mugs especially made for espresso, or cappuccino, or latte.

Speaking of latte, you will need a milk frother to make one, so make sure it as one of your kitchen coffee bar accessories. A milk frother is often included in an espresso machine, another coffee station essential. However, you can also have a less expensive and easier to use a handheld frother.

Another essential is a coffee grinder, especially if you buy whole coffee beans. You can choose from different types of grinders, from industrial-sized ones to small, hand-crank grinders. Consider the size of your coffee station when looking for a grinder. If you want a grinder that is easy to use and store, an electric grinder is recommended.

You will certainly not have your own coffee station only to prepare boring coffee. Therefore, having coffee syrup in your coffee station is crucial as it allows you to customize your drinks. Get different bottles that will suit your every mood. To keep your coffee station table mess-free, go with syrup pump bottles.
TRADITIONAL Designs for Living, Inc.
Traditional white kitchen with Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder and Thermal Carafe.
Clever and custom coffee station system that can totally vanish behind a cabinet that is manufactured Wood-Mode. What a treat for coffee lovers! 
CLASSIC Oak Hill Architects
Wine and coffee? Why not! The dark wood cabinets and huge stainless steel coffee maker make the space elegant and sophisticated.
MID-CENTURY Herrick Design Group
This midcentury home bar in Minneapolis offers a coffee station, a wine bar, and a sink. This is perfect when you have your friends come over for a drink.
Coffee Station Ideas – Accents
Make your DIY coffee bar feel more coffee shop-like with some accents. For example, you can hang art pieces declaring your love for coffee – a painting or a poster. You can have your own coffee shop sign or even a chalkboard with your personal coffee menu.

Napkins are functional accents to your coffee station. Not only do they clean or fix spills at your coffee station. They also add colors. Pick napkins in your favorite colors or patterns that genuinely pop. When not in use, display them in a basket or on your shelf.

Another functional accessory for your coffee station is a tray. Use it to keep your spoon, napkins, mugs, and fragile items safe while on your kitchen coffee bar. Trays also keep your stuff neat and organized.

If you have a coffee station table, then we recommend having a lamp to make your station more cheerful as you prepare your cup. If your space is a bit small, get a lamp whose base is thin and tall. Aside from being a space saver, the lamp can also add some height.

For eye-catching accents, go for handcrafted items such as pottery pieces for cups, saucers made of wood. A handmade stainless steel riser will add vertical height for your containers and, at the same time, give your coffee station an industrial appeal.

You can also go with vintage items as accents that add character to your coffee station. Have small French spoons as stirrers and vintage glass shakers to hold cinnamon.
MINIMALIST Peninsula Modern
This sophisticated modern kitchen in San Francisco features black shelves for coffee essentials like cups, mugs, coffee maker, and stainless steel pots.
COUNTRYSIDE 20|20 Builders
Trendy kitchen in San Francisco shows the owner’s love for coffee and tea. The white cabinets with glass doors look classic and dainty.
RESTORED Tallulah & Bird LLC, Interior Design
A small cottage chic kitchen design in Philadelphia with white open cabinets and small white fridge.
RECESSED-PANEL Redstart Construction, Inc.
This awesome transitional kitchen in Chicago features a slide-out drawer made by Rev-A-Shelf.
FLAT-PANEL Hampton Design
A traditional white kitchen in New York looks stunning with this coffee corner. The space looks clean and organized.
BACHELOR Peti Lau Inc.
We love this stylish bachelor loft in New York with a functional coffee station and painted Spanish tiles for the backsplash.
Coffee Station Ideas – Bar Styles
Creating your coffee station starts with having a serving space. This space could be your kitchen counter or a separate piece of furniture. Here are some coffee bar ideas for you.

An extra counter space makes an excellent coffee bar. Make it more obvious that it is a coffee bar by adding coffee bar accessories such as cup holders or coffee pots. If the space in your counter is limited, utilize trays as a base where you can put your coffee essentials.

If you do not have an extra countertop, use an available table to create a coffee bar table. Have a round table with a glass top and pair it with sleek chairs if you do not have much space. This style gives your kitchen a European look, as if you are inside an Italian coffee shop or a French bistro.

If you have enough space in your kitchen, you can have a buffet. Get one with many shelves for all your coffee-making essentials. You do not have to buy a new one. Transform an old dining room buffet into a coffee bar for a vintage look.

Your coffee bar does not have to be stuck in the kitchen. If you want something mobile, go with a bar cart, which allows you to have a coffee stand anywhere you want. Create your own by adding wheels to a kitchen island. You can take it to your living room if you have guests to entertain. An industrial-style bar cart can an urban touch to your home.
COASTAL AsterHouse Design, LLC
This beach-style home bar features dark wood floor, white hexagon backsplash tiles, blue cabinets, and floating shelves for the coffee cups.
SUBURBAN Advance Design Studio, Ltd.
Lovely coffee station corner with classic gray and white cabinetry from Dura Supreme. The cup holder is a salvaged antique piece that the client provided.
TUSCAN Echelon Custom Homes
A Mediterranean kitchen with coffee corner that has White Diamond granite countertop, white drawers, and stainless steel appliances.
STRAIGHTFORWARD Watson Cabinetry and Fine Woodworking
This custom kitchen in Tampa features a white cabinet with special storage for coffee makers, sugar, creamer, and other coffee essentials.
You want to keep your coffee station neat and tidy so that you can make your coffee quickly. What you need then are storage solutions. Cabinet, shelves, baskets, canisters, and hooks are some essentials to keep your coffee station organized.

A coffee bar cabinet can provide ample storage for your coffee essentials. If you have an old cabinet lying around, you can transform it into a DIY coffee bar.

Shelves are great for keeping your coffee essentials organized, but they are also great for adding extra vertical storage if your kitchen has limited space. Aside from your mugs, jars, and napkins, you can also display your decors on your coffee shelves.

For your spoons and stirrers, place them in small baskets where you can easily see them. You can also label your baskets to be more organized. You can easily find the right baskets in flea markets or thrift stores if you do not want to spend on new ones. Better yet, create your own if you can.

For coffee and sugar that needs to be stored in airtight containers, use canisters. Take advantage of the different designs available to express your individuality. We do recommend, however, going with transparent ones, so you know when you need to replenish your supplies.

Use hooks to hang your coffee mugs, especially if you have limited space. You can add hooks onto cabinets or whatever coffee bar furniture that you have. Aside from mugs, you can also hang tea towels on the hooks.
ELEGANT Barbara Gilbert Interiors
This Butler’s Pantry also serves as a coffee station. The custom-made cabinets offer plenty of storage.
NEAT NEAT Method Santa Barbara
Floating shelves, white walls, cups, stainless steel appliances, and multi-colored tea boxes for this bright and airy transitional kitchen.
INDUSTRIAL Design Harmony
The old-wood cabinet provides a distinct touch to this transitional kitchen with industrial touches. We love the subtle hints of green and orange colors.
RUSTIC L&M Design.Build.Furnish
The ample space in the room allowed the addition of plenty of storage, including a hidden coffee station. The dark walnut cabinets blend well with the tile flooring.
MEDITERRANEAN River Hills Custom Homes
Clever coffee station made possible by a pull-out drawer that conveniently stores your coffee essentials when you are not using them.
ORIENTAL Lauren Levant Interior
This station is a custom-designed piece that the designer sketched out and brought to life. The unique furniture adds tons of artistic flair to the room.
METRO True Residential
The coffee station includes bright white cabinets with lots of storage. The easy access to the coffee maker allows for coffee at any time of the day.
ORGANIZED Abundance Organizing
Simple, but functional coffee station in Richmond. You can conveniently store tea and coffee needs in the drawers.
Final Thoughts:
A coffee shop is an excellent place to get your morning coffee fix, but sometimes, you may not have the time to go out of your home. Moreover, frequent trips to your favorite coffee shop may hurt your wallet. An alternative way to enjoy coffee without the hassle and expense is by having your own coffee station right inside your home.

Now that you know the different elements you need in a coffee station, all that is left is finding the right coffee maker for you. You can go with a pour-over coffee maker, which takes time to brew coffee but brings a coffee shop feel into your home. If you are on the go, however, a single cup coffee maker may be the right one for you. A French press is an ideal coffee maker if you want your drink rich and creamy without too much intensity. If you want more variety in your coffee, get an espresso machine that can make latte, cappuccino, or a smooth shot coffee for you.

With home coffee makers becoming popular nowadays, kitchen coffee stations have become a trend in home design. Whether you have a small space or a large space, with some creativity, you can make the perfect coffee station for you. We hope our coffee station ideas helped you.

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