Monday May 4, 2020 Craig Stowe


Theme: EYE OPENER (62. Shock to the system, and what the start of each answer to a starred clue can be) - The first word can precede "Eye".

17. *Revolving tray: LAZY SUSAN. Lazy eye.

25. *1991 cult film based on a William S. Burroughs novel: NAKED LUNCH. Naked eye.

38. *1974 Harry Chapin hit that mentions Little Boy Blue: CAT'S IN THE CRADLE. Cat's eye.

49. *Rich exec's transport: PRIVATE JET. Private eye.

Boomer here.  

"The Cat's in the Cradle and the Silver spoon, Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon." Hello everyone.  C.C. and I seem to be safely dealing with "Stay at Home" and I hope all of you are also safe. We are a little bit confused that the number of cases keep increasing.  Not sure if it is caused by expanded testing. I have seen news clips of people crowding each other on beaches and public parks.  I guess they have not heard of social distancing.


1. Cream and ice cream: SODAS. Delicious!

6. Toronto Argos' org.: CFL.  Football eh

9. Pay to look the other way: BRIBE.

14. Pleasing smell: AROMA. I have lost my sense of smell.  I heard that it was a symptom but I could not smell long before anyone ever heard of Covid-19.

15. Comedian Wong: ALI.  Cassius Clay

16. Bat mitzvahs, e.g.: RITES.  Our Archbishop performs RITES.  He shut down all of our Catholic churches in Minneapolis.  Sounds RITE to me.

19. Apple app mostly replaced by Messages: ICHAT.  Many employees are using video conferencing from home.  I'm retired, I do not need to chat.

20. Summer on the French Riviera: ETE.

21. __ hash: served in a diner: SLUNG.

22. Maui memento: LEI.  Hawaii is so far away.

23. Tableland: MESA. Big city East of Phoenix.

29. Iranian money: RIAL.  I am happy to not have ever owned any.  I have heard that it takes less RIAL to buy a barrel of oil these days.

31. Brazilian hot spot: RIO.  Former Olympic City.  The virus has arrived there with over 6000 deaths.  I am pretty sure it hit there after the U.S. was invaded.

32. Mauna __: Hawaii's highest peak: KEA.

33. "Peer Gynt" playwright: IBSEN.  I was thinking of the guy who could not play the Tinman because his body did not like aluminum.  But his name was EBSEN.

36. "__ the season ... ": TIS. To be jolly, Fa,la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.

37. Easter flower: LILY.  We got four inches of snow this Easter. It did not match the flower except at least it was white.

42. River of Spain: EBRO.

43. "__-hoo!": YOO.  I may have tried BOO.

44. Kindle download: EBOOK.  Those things put computers for rent in local libraries.

45. Abu Dhabi's fed.: UAE. United Arab Emirates.

46. Dudes: MEN.

47. "__ other time":  SOME.  No Thanks!

52. Hard times: LOWS.  I think the Dow Averages have hit them but are starting to recover.  Forget last Friday.

56. Ready-go link: SET.

57. Pub game: DARTS.  I don't play, but these are huge fun in most of the bowling centers I used to patronize.

59. "__ cares!": WHO.  I care! All the bowling centers are closed here.

60. Separated: APART.  Make sure it's at least SIX FEET and maybe wear a face covering.

64. Like pea-soup fog: DENSE.

65. __ Arbor: ANN.  They have virus problems like everyone else, but I do not understand the protest demonstrations in Lansing.

66. Chris of women's tennis: EVERT.

67. Tell the waitperson what you want: ORDER.  I don't think you can tell them anymore.  You need to call it in and either pick it up at the drive thru window or have it delivered.

68. Entry charge: FEE. I used to have to pay a FEE for a stock market trade, but most online brokerages have cut them out.  Ain't competition great!!

69. Peddler's assortment: WARES.


1. Witch trial town: SALEM.  I used to smoke them once and awhile if I couldn't find Marlboro Menthol.  No more, I got unhooked 18 years ago.

2. Give a speech: ORATE.  I get a few minutes at the Graybar reunion in February. Many of the big shots ORATE.  I come on last and tell jokes. 

3. Nods off: DOZES.  First name BULL ??

4. Minnesota senator Klobuchar: AMY. We are waiting to see if Joe Biden selects her as VP candidate.

5. Get smart with: SASS.  I've done that

6. Like some Friday work attire: CASUAL.  Graybar started CASUAL on Fridays in my last few years.  I just dressed without a tie.  Some guys showed up pretty sloppy looking.

7. Butcher's cut: FLANK.  We have had virus trouble in our meat processing plants in Minnesota, Iowa. and South Dakota.  They are starting to reopen but I am not sure they are safe.

8. Boudoir apparel: LINGERIE.

9. Scouring pad brand: BRILLO.  We use SOS.  Sorry Brillo.

10. Houston sch.: RICE U.

11. Tentatively positive response: I THINK I DO.  Remember the little engine that could?  "I think I can, I think I can."

12. Arthur of "The Golden Girls": BEA.  Most of the "Golden Girls" are gone.  Only Betty White is still with us.

13. Repair approx.: EST.  I am getting really tired of "Car Shield" ads telling me it won't cost much.

18. Bone parallel to the radius: ULNA.

24. "You __ lucky!": ARE SO.  I guess so.  I cannot bowl, but luckily I got to play 18 holes last week.  One person per cart and keep six feet away from others.

26. Part of DVD: DISC.

27. String quartet strings: CELLO.  HEE HAW !!

28. "Frida" star Salma: HAYEK.

30. Pasta suffix: INI.  ???

33. Frost over: ICE UP.  Can't remember if I mentioned - The Monday after Easter I did not notice that our driveway ICED UP.  I went to take our garbage can to the curb and down I went.  When C.C. saw me lying on the driveway, she came racing out and down she went.  We got up and are a bit smarter now.

34. Elephant of children's lit: BABAR.

35. Barbra of "Yentl": STREISAND. My sister spells it BARBARA.

36. However, briefly: THO.  THO neither lady spells it BABAR.

37. Designer __: LABEL.

39. Belarus denial: NYET.

40. Lacking a musical ear: TONE DEAF. WHAT?  I an nose deaf but I can hear you now!

41. Sleep acronym: REM.

46. Make a difference: MATTER.  "It really doesn't MATTER if I'm wrong I'm Right"  Beatles.

47. Peaceful: SERENE.

48. Bart's bus driver: OTTO.  Maybe I OTTO have watched "The Simpsons".

50. Poet's forte: VERSE.

51. Old-time actress Mansfield or Meadows: JAYNE.  Jayne Meadows was married to Steve Allen.  Jayne Mansfield died in a tragic car crash many years ago.  She is the mother of Mariska Hargitay who is Lt. Benson on Law and Order SVU.

53. Deed holder: OWNER.  I own several bowling balls and a set of golf clubs, but I do not have a deed for them.  I perform DEEDS with them.

54. In what place: WHERE. At a bowling center or a golf course.

55. Alphabetizes, say: SORTS.  I've spent HOURS sorting baseball cards, but never alphabetically.  They have numbers on the back and most of mine are in numerical order.

58. Eject, as lava: SPEW.  Remember Mount St. Helens ?  I do

60. Fuss: ADO.  Not ADO, I said I DO.

61. As __: according to: PER.

63. Longoria of "Overboard" (2018): EVA.


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