RSVP “Endurance” Salt Server with Spoon



Salt is one of those ingredients you probably use more than anything else in the kitchen, so why would you hide it away in a cupboard or rely on a dinky little shaker that inevitably gets clogged up? You should keep a salt cellar on your countertop so the stuff is always within easy reach, and this one from RSVP International is certainly a clever option.

The salt box itself is a simple 8 oz. glass bowl, nothing fancy by itself, but it sits in a stainless steel frame with an attached flip-top lid that has a silicone gasket to keep the salt fresh and dry when closed, plus a tab that sticks out the back where you can lift the lid with your thumb.

The whole thing looks great on your counter, and when you’re between salt refills, the glass bowl comes right out for easy cleaning. (They say it’s dishwasher safe, but I’d recommend sticking to handwashing.) It also comes with a small stainless steel spoon for those of you who don’t like getting in there with your fingers — even though that’s a much more satisfying way to salt a pot of boiling water.

But maybe most important of all, you’ll absolutely feel like Alton Brown every time you use it! You old-school Good Eats fans know what I’m talking about.

This awesome little salt server is $25 on Amazon.

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