Secret Black Friday Steals


Hi, hello.

Its Black Friday, finally.

You may already know that I did a curated list of my Black Friday picks on Wednesday, but I also wanted to share these secret deals that launched yesterday. These are some deals that Ive been keeping my eye on, so wanted to share a list of what Im perusing just for you.

Now, if Im missing anything here please let me know. I love a good steal. But in the meantime, I hope you guys are stuffed & hungover from homemade cranberry sauce & copious amounts of champagne.


stainless steel handheld milk frother & spoon.
( you know we cant have cinnamon clumps in our almond milk cappuccinos )

air purifier
( this one is such a good deal right now & such a good idea if you have small kids around )

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs
( hot tip: you can put this on your arms too )

double roll toilet paper holder
( psa for anyone about to get pregnant for the first time- you need this for how much youll be peeing, trust me, k? )

cold eye mask
( so good to depuff & debloat after all your holiday festivities )

classic notebook
( throw one of these in your cart for business ideas, goals or the morning pages )

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Anyway, would love to know about any amazing deals you guys gotten. Let me know.

x, lauryn

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