TENTA Kitchen Transparent Glass Condiment Jar Seasoning Box Set Spice Jar Kitchen Condiment Container Cruet with Lid & Spoon Kitchen Utensils, 3pcs/Set with Tray-ZENXIN (Blue Color


TENTA KITCHEN Spice rack, seasoning box is designed specially for modern Home Kitchen. The set of condiment rack with spice jars can save more space for you.

* High quality glass bring transparent and brightness visual to light up your kitchen, restaurant or caf.
* Food grade plastic made of lid & handle to ensure your healthy from high quality seasoning tank.
* Elegant color cap with the delicate sizeable spice holder makes your kitchen neat and generous.
* Single Glass jar/box size & volume: 11cm (Length)* 9.5cm (Height) * 7cm (Width) / 400ml.
* Spice spoon size: 10cm (Length) * 2.8cm (Width)
* Serving spoon volume:2ml

Packaging Includes:
* 3 Compartment Condiment box
* 3 Service Spoons
* 1 Tray
* Item (set) Size & Weight: 28.5cm (Length)* 12.3cm (Height) * 15cm (Width) / 1085g
* Package Size & Weight: 29cm (Length)* 12.5cm (Height) * 15.5cm (Width) / 1193g

* The seasoning box is a perfect tool makes your kitchen clean and tidy
* Convenient carry handle for ease of use while cooking
* The container cap can keep the spice fresh and clean
* Thick glass and high quality plastic material makes the dispenser more durable and last for long-time with anti-corrosive.
* Great gift idea of kitchen utensil for anyone who regularly enjoys cooking or barbecue.

1. Glassware, Put it in a fixed place when using it. If it is broken, be careful not to scratch yourself.
2. Do not suggest the wire brush for cleaning to avoid scratch left on the spice organizer.
3. Keep away from heating to avoid any plastic deformation on the condiment container.

Product Features

  • Material: premium quality thick glass container with food grade plastic lid keeps your spice to be odor-free and non-toxic.
  • Ergonomic design: the spice box with open cover button and ergonomic designed handle for easy hold the condiment jar and to open the lid while cooking.
  • Convenient: the build-in spoon holder to avoid mess. And 3 removable compartment storage box is for easy using, refilling and cleaning.
  • Multi-use: this cruet box can be storage or container box for any spice like salt, turmeric, pepper flakes, cinnamon, cinnamon-sugar, sugar, garlic salt, flavored salts, Cajun spice, all-season salt, cacao, paprika, ground pepper.
  • The tray bottom is designed with a drain hole for easy cleaning and ease to keep dry for the seasoning bottle like other kitchenware.

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