The Perfect Kitchen Appliance To Invest In This Rainy Season


In the Philippines, the rainy season is no joke. It affects not just the temperatures, but also the traffic. We become more prone to getting sick during these wet months and traveling becomes even harder.

What we need during such trying times is a bowl of warm, filling, and meaty stew. However, a good stew takes time to make. There’s a solution though: a slow cooker.

Here's how a slow cooker is the perfect cooking appliance for anyone who's too busy to cook. We're sure you'll immediately start cooking when you have your very own. 
Photo by Dairy Darilag 1 Food goes in raw in the morning and becomes tender and fully cooked in the evening.
You can throw your ingredients in a slow cooker in the morning and let it slow cook the whole day. After your long day at work, and even longer time stuck in traffic, a beautiful, delicious, flavorful dish with meat so tender it falls apart from the bone, awaits you.
2 Big pieces are fine.
Even prepping your ingredients for the slow cooker is extremely easy. When determining how large to cut your meat and veggies, bigger cuts mean long cooking times while smaller cuts mean quicker cooking. So, with all the hours that slow cooking has, a few chops from a knife are all you’ll need to do. 
3 There are fewer dishes to wash.
Using a slow cooker is a one-pot wonder. The only thing you’ll have to wash after use in the morning is a chopping board, knife, and any other prep bowls you might have used. 
When you cook your meats slowly, you don’t lose any flavor to high heat. Instead you gently tenderize while intensifying flavor. Photo by Patrick Martires 4 It makes meaty and hearty dishes with minimal effort.
Treat yourself to chicken, pork, beef, or even lamb, and trust us, that first spoonful of that extremely tender and flavorful slow-cooked stew is going to blow your mind. Gently cooking meat for hours helps both develop and preserve complex flavors as high heat cause aromatics to evaporate. It also makes meats incredibly tender!

So, check out our recipes and some more tips and tricks about slow cooking. Trust us, it will change your life. The good news is that it's not actually that expensive at just P1,000-P2,000! 



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