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Theme: SAY UNCLE (57A. Give up, or what you might do before the starts of the answers to starred clues)

20A. *Founding Father who inherited a malthouse: SAM ADAMS. Uncle Sam.

25A. *"War and Peace" author: LEO TOLSTOY. Uncle Leo from "Seinfeld".

37A. *"Hee Haw" cohost: BUCK OWENS. Uncle Buck.

51A. *Outlaw associate of Cole Younger: JESSE JAMES. Uncle Jesse from "Full House".

Boomer here again, filling in another blog slot. A big shot for a blog slot! 
Sam Adams is a brand of beer sold in over 50 places in Minneapolis. Not to me though.  I liked Uncle Leo in Seinfeld.  Uncle Buck was John Candy and he now appears in costume on Discover ads.  Jesse James robbed a bank in Northfield Minnesota.  There is now a bowling center in Northfield called Jesse James Lanes.  I finished second in a senior tournament there a few years ago. Also as a Graybar sales rep, I called on Carlton and St. Olaf Colleges.  Both very upscale institutions of learning.  Have you ever heard of "Malt O'Meal?"  Yup, factory is in Northfield.


1. Contentious marketing clash: AD WAR. As we near the election there are always plenty of AD WARS on TV.

6. Firmly fixed: FAST.  Stop eating between meals during Lent.

10. "Capisce?" response: I SEE.   

14. Hang loosely: DRAPE.  We use the plastic shades about 8 inches wide.  I had to fight with several stores before someone would sell them to me.  They have been fine for 23 years.

15. Lunch box treat: OREO.  This sounds like one of those black and white cookies that people with diabetes (me) need to stay away from.

16. Work at a keyboard: TYPE.  My blood is O neg.  I am a universal donor.

17. Cliff dwelling: AERIE.

18. Caboose: REAR.  It always looks like a little house on wheels.  Do train employees really ride in it.  So do they play poker or something to keep them busy??

19. Kuwaiti ruler: EMIR.

22. Packs down: TAMPS.

24. Many corp. logos: TMS.  Trademarks. Or Some kind of magnetic stimulation performed at the Mayo Clinic.  I have been by there in Rochester, MN but I never had the pleasure of being a guest.  I suppose that's a good thing because they treat nasty diseases.

28. Student's second try: RETEST.  We never got that option, just an "F".

31. Went undercover: HID.

32. Poem of homage: ODE.  "It was the 3rd of June another sleepy, dusty, Delta Day". ODE to Billie Joe (Bobbie Gentry).

33. Kitchen enticement: AROMA.  A nicer word than smell.

34. Demean: ABASE.

36. Litter sound: MEW.  "And the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon, Little Boy Blue in the man in the moon."  Harry Chapin.

40. Backboard attachment: RIM.  That's the thing that most of my shots bounced off from.    

43. Snaky formations: COILS.  Lots and lots of wire.

44. Type of pool or wave: TIDAL.  California could probably use one of these to put out the fires.   The marijuana plants are burning! 

48. Make a move: ACT.

49. QB's miss, maybe: INT.  Don't mention football in Viking's territory.

50. Former Spanish currency: PESETA.

55. Wondering word: WHY.  "WHY are there so many songs about rainbows, and what's on the other side?" Kermit.

56. Extremely small: MICRO.  I grew up 65 years ago without a MICROwave.  So I go without one now.

60. Class of merchandise: LINE.  Also the thing on the end of a fishing rod.

61. Day for Caesar to beware: IDES.  Around the middle of March - "How many eggs did you have for breakfast Caesar ?  Et tu Brute."

63. Track specialist: MILER.  After Jim Ryun in 1968, I sort of lost track of track.

64. Mathematician Turing: ALAN.

65. "Great shot!": NICE.  I think shots are good. Putts are nice.

66. Serving holder: PLATE.

67. "SNL" segment: SKIT.

68. Fresh talk: SASS.  Who me?? Never.

69. Embroidered, say: SEWED.


1. To the stars, in mottos: AD ASTRA.  Everyone likes Brad Pitt.

2. One with aspirations: DREAMER.  I think you need to be young to have aspirations.

3. Becomes fond of: WARMS TO.

4. Capital of Samoa: APIA.

5. Wetland plant: REED.  I think I saw all 275 episodes of the Donna Reed Show.  After all -- Shelley Fabares?

6. Gift recipient's surprised query: FOR ME.

7. Playground comeback: ARE SO.  ARE NOT !!!

8. __ of Tranquility: lunar plain: SEA.  Many people do not know this, but 45 years ago, Alan Shepard hit a golf ball on the moon.  It landed in the Sea of Tranquility and he took a two stroke penalty.

9. Fabled slowpoke: TORTOISE.  I thought he won the race because the hare goofed off.

10. Tabloid twosomes: ITEMS.  Well we have twosomes in golf now and then but avoid the tabloids.

11. Chills or fever: SYMPTOM.

12. Single show: EPISODE.

13. Poetic contraction: EER.  

21. Pilot's datum: Abbr.: ALT.

23. Pasta preference: AL DENTE.

26. Warming periods: THAWS.  I usually let it thaw and cook it before it gets warm.

27. Source of pliable wood: YEW.  Yew betcha !!

29. Diplomatic HQ: EMB.  I don't think we have an embassy in Minnesota.  Ve Yust let Da Svedes and Norvegians take their place in the land of 10,000 Lakes.  Ya Sure Dont'cha know.

30. Relatively risqué: SAUCIER.

34. Muscular Japanese dog: AKITA.

35. Big tin exporter of S.A.: BOL. Bolivia.

38. Brings together: CONJOINS.  "I now pronounce you Husband and Wife." 

39. Female in the fam: SIS.  I had three but no bros.

40. Indian friend of Sheldon and Leonard: RAJ.

41. Low-fat frozen dessert: ICE MILK.  I think you can get a great taste at Dairy Queen.

42. Pentateuch peak: Abbr.: MT SINAI.

45. Mammal's digit that doesn't touch the ground: DEWCLAW.

46. Wheaties box adorner: ATHLETE.  General Mills is the home of the "Breakfast of Champions" Wheaties.  The headquarters is about 10 miles from our home. I eat Wheat Chex which is also a General Mills product, since they purchased Ralston Purina.

47. Like lasagna, say: LAYERED.

50. "Gangnam Style" performer: PSY.

52. Manhunt pickup: SCENT.

53. There are 60,000 of them in a min.: MSECS.  Milliseconds.

54. Simplifies: EASES.

58. Rules on plays: UMPS.  Also known as REFs in Football.

59. Cairo's river: NILE.

60. Vegas opener: LAS.  We are skipping Las Vegas next year.  The virus looks threatening out there.

62. Lunes or martes: DIA.  Composed of Home, first, second and third Base

Notes from C.C.:
Happy Birthday to Pat and her husband, who were born in the same day and same year. Pat is a few hours older than her husband.

Java Mama (left) and Pat at the shelter where they volunteer.

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