15 top-rated products you can get at PetSmart


15 top-rated products you can get at PetSmart— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Finding the right products for your pets can be a rewarding experience. Getting your cat or dog a toy they absolutely love, a treat they keep coming back for, or gear that makes life with pets furry or finned easier is one of the best feelings. Case in point: There is no greater joy than watching my parents’ dog carry her stuffed llama toy from room to room.

PetSmart carries thousands of great products for every kind of pet, as well as all the brands you know and love. Here are a few of their products that shoppers rave about the most.

1. A classic Kong for your favorite pup

Kong Classic Dog Toy
Credit: KONG

With any dog, Kong is king.

Kongs are well-known among dog owners for their durability, their unique shape, and their simplicity: Fill the rubbery cone with peanut butter or soft food and freeze it (or not) to present to your pup as an extra-enticing chew toy.

Reviewers love how long it keeps aggressive chewers occupied and less likely to turn their toothy attention to less durable objects (such as furniture). Many recommended the purchase for its longevity alone. Kongs come in different sizes and puppy and extra-tough variants to suit any dog.

Get the Kong Classic Dog Toy for $8.99 and up

2. A treat for fresher breath and cleaner teeth

Credit: Greenies

The uber-popular dog treat has the added bonus of helping care for your pup's choppers.

If you have a dog that’s anything like my parents’, their breath is a problem. Luckily, there are Greenies. These waxy treats are intended to “clean [teeth] down to the gumline to fight plaque and tartar and freshen breath.”

Many reviewers say that Greenies are their pets’ favorite treat—the oral care capability is just a happy bonus. Greenies offers sizes ranging from Teenie to Large to benefit your Chihuahua and Great Pyrenees alike. The brand also makes a version for cats.

Get Greenies Dental Dog Treats for $4.99 and up

3. An aquarium staple

Top Fin aquarium gravel
Credit: Top Fin

This fish tank gravel? It rocks.

There's something eternally whimsical about multi-colored aquarium rocks. Top Fin makes all sorts of fishy items, and the brand's aquarium gravel claims to be formulated to assist in both mechanical and biological filtration.

Reviewers note they're a good value for the price as the colors stays bright through long-term use—they come in many colors and combos, including all-white, all-blue and "Mardi Gras," a festive multicolor mix.

Get the Top Fin Premium Quality Aquarium Gravel for $3.39 and up

4. A squeezable treat that will get your cat’s attention

Lickable Treats Squeeze Up Cat Treats
Credit: Lickable Treats

These are a real crowd pleaser (just not the human crowd).

Wrangling a cat into a carrier or to trim their nails can seem like an impossible task. That's where these irresistible treats come in. My roommate's cat is so enamored with these chicken-flavored squeezable tubes that he comes running at the sound of the crinkling package.

Reviewers say they've used this treat to help their cats take medicine, to make vet visits a bit more bearable, and to promote healthier appetites in cats that had been losing weight.

Get the Lickable Treats Squeeze Up Cat Treats to pick up at your local PetSmart for $2.49

5. A cooling bed for the warmer months

K&H Cool Bed III Pet Bed
Credit: K&H

Who knew there were waterbeds for dogs?

If you’ve ever tried to fall asleep on a scorching hot night, now imagine that same scenario if you were covered with fur. Never fear, the cooling bed is here. Fill the K&H Cool Bed with cold water to help regulate your pet's body temperature and keep them comfortable.

Reviewers love the K&H bed for its durability, and one recommends it for dogs that need anxiety blankets for thunderstorms but still need to stay cool. It comes in three sizes and two colors to suit your pup and your decor.

Get the K&H Cool Bed III Pet Bed for $30.99 and up

6. A humane harness for your eager walker

PetSafe easy walk harness
Credit: PetSafe

Control even the most aggressive puller with this harness.

If you have a pup that's a little too rambunctious on walks, having a dog harness you trust to keep them secure and attached to your leash is essential.

The Easy Walk by PetSafe is recommended by more than 200 reviewers for its ability to prevent even the strongest of smaller dogs from pulling too much. It comes in four sizes and three colors.

Get the PetSafe® Easy Walk Dog Harness from PetSmart for $21.99

7. Pellet litter to switch up your routine

Breeze cat litter system
Credit: Purina

Do your cat and yourself a favor by upgrading their commode.

Finding the right cat litter situation is just as important for you as it is for your cat. If yours isn’t working out, The Breeze System might be the upgrade you need. The box itself is double-layered, so urine flows down onto an absorbent, odor-controlling pad below, and solid waste sits up top among the litter so it's easier to scoop away. The litter pellets are larger in size than many, so cats are less likely to track them all over the house.

Reviewers rave about the Breeze system for its superior odor-controlling capabilities and because it reduces the task of sweeping up sandy cat litter.

Get the Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System for $32.99

8. Protection from fleas and ticks

Frontline Plus
Credit: Frontline

Why tempt pestilence during the plague?

Flea and tick season is upon us, and with it, a need for products you trust to keep your pets safe from pests. Frontline Plus for Dogs is a well-respected brand that over 200 reviewers recommend. Formulated to kill fleas and ticks as well as eliminate eggs and larvae, Frontline Plus only has to be applied once a month, and each pack comes with three doses.

Get the Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Treatments for $34.99 and up

9. An aquarium with all the bells and whistles

Top Fin fish tank
Credit: Top Fin

This all-in-one aquarium comes in sizes from small to ambitious.

Looking to start a new, aquatic sort of hobby? Top Fin has you covered with this aquarium starter tank. Available in six volumes ranging from five to 55 gallons and including must-have aquarium supplies like a thermometer, water heater, and water filter, this kit has everything you need to get started on developing your own indoor tank environment.

Reviewers say they've often given it as a gift and note how well the kit sets up first-time aquarium owners for success.

Get the Top Fin Essentials Aquarium Starter Kit for $29.99 and up

10. A party for your cat

Petstages Chase Meowtain Track Cat Toy
Credit: Petstages

Round and round it goes—when it stops, only a tired kitty knows.

A friend of mine recently fostered kittens, and they would play with the Petstages spinning ball toy for hours on end. With four levels and a fast-moving track, cats of all ages will find joy in its orbiting colorful balls.

Reviewers attest to how well this toy captured their active cats’ attention, and mention how it contributed to their cats’ “good health.”

Get the Petstages Chase Meowtain Track Cat Toy for $19.99

11. For the dog that loves to snack

milk-bone dog treats
Credit: Milk-Bone

Spoil your top dog with these affordable treats.

Milk-Bones are a classic treat for even the pickiest pup. What’s more, they’re affordable, making these crunchy biscuits a cost-effective way to manage even the most insistent of beggars.

PetSmart shoppers’ dogs love Milk-Bones and over 100 reviewers gave the product a perfect five stars.

Get the Milk-Bone Original Dog Snacks for $13.99

12. A powerful filter for happy fish

Aqua Clear Fluval Power Filter
Credit: Fluval

Keep fishies swimming pretty with a strong tank filter.

If Finding Nemo taught us anything, it’s that fish tank care is essential. This powerful filter by Fluval is a favorite among reviewers for its versatility and customizability.

Some PetSmart shoppers recommend purchasing the filter one size up from your tank size for optimal cleaning.

Get the Aqua Clear Fluval Power Filter from PetSmart for $35.99 and up

13. A dog gate to help you set some boundaries

Top Paw Super-Wide Convertible Pet Gate
Credit: Top Paw

Versatility is the name of the game with this multi-panel dog gate.

A dog gate is an essential purchase if there are areas of your home that you want to keep clean, rooms with items you don’t want your dog to chew, or people coming over you don’t want to be disturbed. This multi-panel option has hinges that allow you to adjust its shape and how it fits, especially in odd-sized openings—say, between rooms in an open floor plan. In addition, one panel functions as a door, so you can pass through instead of having to step over it.

Reviewers rave about how well this easy-to-use door fit at "intersections" in their home.

Get the Top Paw Super-Wide Convertible Pet Gate for $129.99

14. A banana toy for your cat because ... obviously

banana cat toy
Credit: Petstages

Seriously—what's cuter than a cat nibbling on a banana?

You can entertain a cat with all kinds of toys, but why not get them a toy that will make you smile, too? This adorable banana-shaped toy is made of mesh that helps keep your kitty's teeth pearly white, and is filled with catnip to keep your cat coming back.

Reviewers note it often became their cats' favorite plaything and recommend buying multiple so you have one on hand whenever the previous one is a little worse for wear.

Get the Petstages Dental Banana Teether Cat Toy for $3.99

15. A hammock for your reptilian roommate

snake hammock
Credit: Thrive

Hook up your laziest lizard with this hammock.

Your unique reptilian pet deserves a unique perch. This specially designed hammock, made with natural seagrass fibers, creates an elevated basking spot for your cold-blooded companions.

Reviewers purchased this hammock for bearded dragons in particular, and note that the suction cups are plenty strong enough to support their pets.

Get the Thrive Seagrass Reptile Hammock for $12.99

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