A Seafood Lover’s Sardine Fish Curry Recipe| Fiesta Friday #331


Something which I really enjoying cooking is seafood. I hail from South India and typically from the coastal side, though I was not brought up there. But yet I grew up eating a ton of seafood and coconut.

The South Indian style of cooking can be further broken into multiple styles. But predominantly it is different from North Indian style of cooking. We use a lot of spices like mustard seeds, broken urad dal, jeera, tamarind, Fenugreek and multiple varieties of dry red chillies. What I love the most is my beloved curry leaves!

Fish curry can be made in a million ways. At my house, we use multiple recipes depending on the type of fish. Some might find it shocking that we don’t de-bone the fish before cooking it, but actually that adds to the flavour. Also if you are from the coast, we are taught from a very young age, how to separate the meat from the bone while eating the fish.

Fish Curry in it’s Glory❤️

Fish curry brings back memories of my Granny. She was an amazing cooking and every time I visited my native, she used to make a ton of fish just for me. I love eating dosa with fish curry ❣️ Food and memories go together ❤️

Note : Kindly use boneless fish steaks if you aren’t familiar with eating fish this way!!

I hope the video helps in simplifying the recipe.

Ingredients & Measures:

Masala Mix :

1. 3 tbsp coriander powder

2. Chilli powder to taste

3. 1/2 tsp turmeric powder

4. 2 tsp gingelly oil

5. Few curry leaves

6. 1.5 tsp cumin or jeera powder

7. 1 tbsp chopped onion

8. 1 slit green chilli

9. 1/2 tsp Fenugreek or methi powder

10. 15 ml water

Fish curry:

1. 1/4 kg sardine Fish (cleaned) or use any fish you have access to, even boneless would do. Marinated with salt,turmeric and chilli powder

2. 4 tbsp gingelly oil

3. 1 cup of chopped onion

4. 1/2 cup of curry leaves

5. 1.5 tsp of saunf or Fennel Powder

6. 1.5 tsp of mustard seeds

7. Chopped ginger – 1 inch

8. 250ml coconut milk

9. 1 lemon sized tamarind soaked in 250ml water

10. 3 slit green chillies

11. 4 tomatoes pureed (I used local tomatoes)

12. Salt to taste

Taking this recipe to Fiesta Friday #331!! I am so glad I get to make posts for Fiesta Friday again! I enjoyed all the amazing posts from last week. So happy to have started blogging again 😊. Glad to have Liz @ Spades, Spatulas and Spoons as a co-host this week. She always posts some remarkable recipes😊

Have a good week guys!!

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