Animal Crossing New Horizons: Where to Store Your Turnips


Animal Crossing New Horizons provides a helpful method to gather a large amount of Bells in a short period of time. Here is where to store all of those Turnips in the game. The fruit is a major aspect to any Animal Crossing title. With this newest title in the franchise, players are given a starter fruit for their very own island. They will be given 1 of 6 fruit, Cherry, Coconuts, Peaches, Apples, Oranges, or Pears. To get other fruit, players will need to visit other islands through the Nook Tours or by heading to a friend's island who began with different fruit. Fruit can be traded and sold for higher prices if the fruit does not originate from that island. Although, vegetables function through a completely different system, especially Turnips. Turnings are special items in Animal Crossing New Horizons that can be sold for a ridiculously high amount of Bells, or a potentially lower price. Turnips function as a form of "gambling" in the game, as each turnip can be sold for a higher or lower value of what the player spent. It's a somewhat complicated system. This guide will help players figure out where they can store Turnips in the game.

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Turnips are items that can be purchased from a new character to the series, Daisy Mae. Daisy Mae will appear on the island only one time a week, on Sundays from 5 am - 12 pm (sorry to the players who like to sleep in on the weekends). Players then have exactly one week to sell the Turnips before they go bad, making them worthless. Every day, Tommy and Timmy of Nook's Cranny will offer a certain amount of Bells for Turnips. Now here's the kicker, each day Timmy and Tommy will provide a different amount of Bells, meaning the player won't know the best date to sell their turnips. This is where the gambling aspect comes in. The player will need to pick a day to sell all of their turnips before they go bad, selling them too early may have the player miss out on an opportunity to make more Bells at a later date. Not selling them fast enough might make the player miss the day with the best amount offer. It functions similarly to the stock market in this way (Animal Crossing surprisingly teaches so much about real-life economics). Although, players can mass purchase Turnips from Daisy Mae and these cannot be placed inside of the storage centers and also cannot be buried to plant more for later. Players need to get rid of these Turnips before they go bad. Here is how players can store their turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Players have a limited inventory in the game that can be slightly expanded throughout the game. The player begins with 20 slots, which then evolves into 30 then 40. Players will most likely want to wait a few days before selling the turnips and to occupy the time, the player will want to complete other tasks that will fill the time. To store their turnips, the best and safest place to keep them will be in their home. Players can store these items on the ground inside their home and they will not despawn over time. Checking in at Nook's Cranny every day for the right price all comes down to the player. Players can also bury their Turnips into the ground and it will be represented by an "X" similar to when a fossil is planted on the ground. Ideally, the player should craft a specific location on their island where they can create a Turnip farm. This would help players keep track of the locations of the Turnips. Make sure to burry these Turnips into solid dirt and not the beach. From experience, it is recommended to close off this location using fences. Players can make an entire Turnip farm in this location and pull them out when needed. It's recommended to log in every day into the game to see the price Timmy and Tommy are willing to purchase Turnips. There is no recommended day to head to Nook's Cranny since it is completely random the day they will select to maximize their selling cost for Turnips. Players will just have to use their best judgment moving forward.

Animal Crossing New Horizons' main function is to gather as many Bells as possible. Bells function an important part in paying off debts and buying customizable bridges and inclines for their island. Players can also gather Bells by claiming Bell Vouchers from the Nook Miles ATM. Nook Miles are collected pretty frequently in the game, as completing the simplest of tasks can make the player acquire a few hundred Nook Miles. There are also tasks that are meant to be completed over long periods of time like collecting every bug and fish in the game, those will net the player thousands of Nook Miles. After collecting the Bell Voucher, the player can head over the Nook's Cranny and speak with Timmy or Tommy. The player can trade in the Bell Voucher for 3000 Bells each. 3000 Bells can easily be translated into purchasing more Turnips when Daisy Mae comes to visit the island every Sunday. Animal Crossing New Horizons provides a healthy amount of basic economics which is pretty impressive for a children's game. Players have to micromanage every aspect of their islands, learn how to save some of their money to pay off their loans and have money to spend on tools and furniture. The game also requires that the player be patient for long periods of time to wait for construction to be completed (unless they skip time forward in the settings). Animal Crossing New Horizons is surprisingly the most adult game to release for children in a long time. Especially with the history of the franchise starting back on the Nintendo Gamecube, it raises the question of how many players have learned financial lessons from Tom Nook and all his animal friends.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

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