Breckenridge 11-year-old catches 30-pound lake trout


BRECKENRIDGE — Breckenridge local Tanner Wilson, 11, caught an estimated 30-pound lake trout, sometimes known as a mackinaw fish, while fishing with his father Tuesday, April 21, at a Summit County reservoir.

It was a “once-in-a-lifetime catch …” his father, Matthew Wilson, said. “Any fisherman would love to catch a fish that size.”

While Tanner reeled in the fish by himself, his father helped him net the gigantic trout.

“You can see the reaction of his face,” Matthew said. “He was completely overwhelmed.”

After posing with his catch, Tanner returned the trout to the water as quickly as he could.

“Both of us want to let people know that this fish was caught and released, so he is back swimming free,” Matthew said. “We just like to love them and leave them.”

For the father and son duo, fishing is a chance to spend quality time together outdoors.

“We fish all the time together,” Matthew said. “We do a lot of fly-fishing. It is just a good thing to do as father and son together to get outside.”

While Tanner is attending school virtually during the coronavirus pandemic, Matthew likes to take him fishing after his schoolwork is complete for an opportunity to get some fresh air.

“We are not seeing anyone out there fishing, so it is a good way to get out there and pass some time, and it is good for the brain,” Matthew said. 

“Kids just get so wrapped up in their ‘Fortnite’ and video games, so it is nice to bring things back to the older days where we just got out and played outside,” he added.

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