Gift Guide For the Cookbook Collector


If you have someone like me who loves a good cookbook, you need to check out some of these cookbooks. Theyre a lot of my favorite cookbooks in every category and every level of experience.

This is a great opportunity to take time to go over recipes with your recipient and pick one or two to make together! Those memories in the kitchen making something delicious from a book you gave them will be the best part about the gift, I guarantee it.

You can even go further by buying something you will need or use for the recipes in these cookbooks.

A new apron would be great, especially if it was a high-quality apron, or even a fun novelty apron. I use a salt cellar all the time when I am cooking and baking, and a good whisk is always appreciated. No matter what I am doing, a sharp chef knife is a great tool, as is a knife sharpener.


This is one of my favorite inspirational cookbooks. Tessa's cakes are gorgeous and deceptively easy to make. She goes into detail about how to perfect your cakes and frosting so you can make showstopping cakes in your own kitchen!

Eating in the Middle

This is my go-to cookbook for weeknight dinner. I love that the recipes are mostly wholesome, without going over the top. Plus Andie's stories about her journey with food is such a great read. It's a great read beyond the recipes.

The Elements of Pizza

This is the cookbook for the serious pizza lover. Someone who wants to learn how to make pizza dough and make it well. Who doesn't shy away from investing in a pizza stone or pizza peel for some incredible pizza. You will also get amazing topping inspiration and by the end know how to make pizza like a pro.

Easy Homemade Cookie Cookbook

I am a little biased here because Miranda is an old friend of mine, but her cookie cookbook is really great. The recipes truly are amazing and actually taste great. I can't recommend it enough.

Prohibition Bakery Cookbook

When cocktail lovers and bakers unite. These boozy treats are some of the best baked good I've tried in a while. I like to convert their recipes into cakes for birthdays. Beware though, some of the alcohol they recommend is pricey, and the cupcakes are all mini cupcakes.

Weeknight Baking

I've been a fan of Michelle and Hummingbird High long before I ever started my own blog. When I first learned she was coming out with a cookbook, I was fangirling just a little. This cookbook is perfect for people who are busy in their everyday life but still want to fit in a bit of creative and delicious baking during the week.

Cook Like a Pro

Everything Ina does is pretty much perfect. I absolutely love all of her cookbooks, and I think everyone should have at least one in their arsenal.

Salt Fat Acid Heat

Anyone who has any interest in cooking needs this book. It is a great foundation book to help you understand how all the elements come together to make the most amazing food ever. Not only do I recommend this book as a gift for someone else, but it is a great gift to give yourself.

Nothing Fancy

This is for the casual entertainer. For anyone who loves having guests over, but don't want to spend the whole day in the kitchen making some elaborate meal every time. The recipes are foolproof and absolutely tasty.

The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook

For the Meat Lovers. This cookbook has a ton of amazing recipes for making just about every type of meat there is. What I love is that it is completely comprehensive on preparing the meat as well as cooking it.

Thug Kitchen

For the Vegans and Vegetarians in your life. This cookbook was gifted to me a few years back and although I am not vegetarian or vegan, I found these recipes completely delicious, packed full of flavor, and so much fun to eat. Highly recommend.

Magnolia Table

This cookbook is as classic as Joanna herself. Need I say anything more? The chicken pot pie and lemon pie are personal favorites, but we haven't come across a bad recipe from this book yet. Even if you aren't a fan of the show, this book is a solid addition to any collection.

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