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DP JSS Delivers Service With a Smile and a Side of Sustainability

Since 2011, JSS has been committed to using delivery services to make life easier for the foreign community in China, delivering both international restaurant meals and groceries to a wide range of addresses across Beijing. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has only underscored how lucky we are to be able to have food delivered to our doors, especially when that delivery comes courtesy of a company dedicated to engaging with and supporting its local community. Throughout the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak in Beijing, when uncertainty was rife and we were all stuck at home, JSS’s scooters stayed on the road, not only ensuring that deliveries were hygiene compliant, but even reducing delivery fees. Now, with a website, app, and WeChat mini-program, ordering from JSS is easier than ever. 

An A to Z of world cuisine

Have you ever spent 30 minutes scrolling through a delivery app trying to decide what to eat? Well, you will have once you start using JSS. JSS takes pride in representing as diverse a cultural selection of restaurants as possible, with hundreds of Chinese and international options to choose from. We all know that a move to China can be a shock to the system, and one of the best ways to get over that shock is to get to know the local food. With JSS, you can take a culinary tour of China without ever leaving your sofa, from the hearty noodle dishes of the northwest to the numbing and spicy cuisine of Sichuan to the delicate dishes of Guangdong and beyond. Alternatively, if you’re in the grip of homesickness, order the foods you love from back home from some of Beijing’s most popular restaurants, including Bottega, Hatsune, Avocado Tree, and Slow Boat

A taste of home, to your home

JSS is the only English-based delivery company to offer both restaurant and grocery delivery. Getting the home comforts you crave can be tricky if you don’t live near an import store or if you don’t read enough Chinese to use Taobao, and international groceries can be a must for those with restrictive diets or even just those of us who take pride in cooking.  

Launched in 2018, JSS Gourmet boasts a selection of more than 100 different imported and local ingredients, including fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, store cupboard staples, and snacks and treats. With delivery ranges up to 20km, JSS Gourmet delivers the ingredients you need to make your Beijing life as delicious as possible, wherever you live. 

Need some drinks to go with dinner? JSS’s self-operated drinks delivery service offers everything from soft drinks to beer to Old and New World wines, from international brands like Perrier, Erdinger, Vedett, and even Beijing’s very own Great Leap Brewing. 

Trashing excess trash

Even as far back as the year 2019 PC (pre-COVID), we all knew that we should be cutting back on single-use plastics, especially the kind that starts stacking up when you order takeout regularly. As the New York Times reported last year, studies have estimated that online takeout in China was responsible for 1.6 million tons of packaging waste in 2017, and the plastic problem is only getting bigger as a result of COVID-19, as people use and discard single-use gloves, masks, and more.

When you order from JSS, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to cut down on excess waste. Having listened to feedback from customers, the company is doing its best to maintain the highest sustainable delivery standards possible. All restaurant deliveries come in biodegradable boxes with paper bags, and groceries are delivered in fabric bags, which can be returned to JSS so they can be reused (after careful sterlization, of course). Do you hate it when your fruit and veg delivery comes wrapped in random plastic (bananas have their own natural wrappers!)? Us too! Luckily, the only plastics used by JSS are to wrap grocery-delivered meat and fish, which is required by law.

The JSS Community

JSS truly cares about their community and always chooses to operate by what is best for their customers and the environment in which we all live together. JSS, food from home, delivered to your home. 

Connect with JSS and place your order via the JSS app (available for both iPhone and Android) or their website (, or scan the QR code below to follow their official WeChat Account (ID: 锦食送JSS), where you can order via their mini-program. 

JSS is the title sponsor of the 2020 Beijing Burger Festival at Wangjing Walk on Sep 18-20. Purchase the Super ticket package (RMB 100) for either Saturday or Sunday and get an RMB 198 delivery card from JSS, as well as a JSS tote bag, and an exclusive Super Burgerman or burger logo t-shirt. Get your tickets now!

Photos courtesy of JSS

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