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The Dutchman's Store in Cantril, Iowa
Takes up a whole block

We just made our Fall shopping trip to Cantril, Iowa to The Dutchmans, a Mennonite general store whose main customers are locals, Mennonites and Amish neighbors and tourists.
This isnt the only similar store in IowaStringtown, north of Kalona and near Iowa City; and another similar store north of Chariton and close to our son and daughter-in-law are some we have visited. We shop there for the good prices and fast turnover on things like flour that aren't as popular in our local stores. The quality is invariably good.
Things I purchased on this trip includedroll butter (tastes like homemade), non-hydrogenated lard that must be refrigerated or frozen, and some nice pork tenderloins on sale (frozen) for $1.38 a pound!
I restocked my pantry with whole wheat flour, bread flour and self-rising flour, a 1# bag of instant yeast (that I also freeze) and much cheaper than small packets or jars of yeast elsewhere, bulk bags of Panko bread crumbs, macaroni and noodles, Ultra gel (which I cant get anywhere else except online), cheddar cheese powder, grits, oatmeal, 7 grain cook-type cereal, and some red lentils and split peas.
I also bought coconut, dates and dried apricots.I didnt need any seasonings, but they have shelves of bulk seasonings and herbs at excellent prices that are very fresh and good quality.
We enjoyed the trip through the rural countryside, checking out harvesting progress as we went South.

Clockwise, Top left: Restocking shelves, Garden plants in spring, Bagged snacks,Some of the dishes and glassware, Bulk candy
The Dutchmans takes up one side of a city block; and is usually very busy. It opens at 8am so we try to get there close to that timewe never go on Saturdays as they are very busy, and of course, they are closed on Sunday and religious holidays.
Besides all the spices, basic grocery staples, baked goods, dried fruits and vegetables, everything for bread making, etc., and fresh produce they have refrigerators and a meat counter and freezersfull of all kinds of meat, fish and poultry products and other frozen items. Another newer addition to their market is like home-canned jams, jellies, pickles and the like at good prices. Their ads encourage you to bake your own bread, that they have everything you need...true! It's the only place I can buy some specialty baking items like fresh lard, clear jel, and the like.
They also sell shoes and boots, very basic clothing, have a whole section of fabric and supplies for quilters and sewers, another section with glassware, dishes, fancy clocks and other gifts, and items like kerosene lanterns and supplies and a section of Mennonite and Amish homeschoolingbooks and cookbooks.
In the summer their front porch is full of flower and garden plants for sale.
They have everything home canners could want likebulk commercial canning lids; as well as anyone who processes their own meat; including commercial-size slicers, grinders, sausage and jerky-making equipment and supplies, etc.
In their housewares section they sell everything from those canners to heavy duty mixers, commercial pans and stockpots, all kinds of baking and bread pans, cast iron cookware, Rada cutlery (my favorite), stoneware, like big crocks and mixing bowls, and all kinds of useful kitchen gadgets.
Most everyone has to stop at the bulk bins of candy before checking out. It's a fun trip even my husband enjoys!
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