The Lingcod – The Only Fish With Blue Meat. How Does It Taste?


The lingcod (also spelled ling cod) is one of the most unusual fish species in the world. It’s all because of its azure blue meat. And only few know what the meat really tastes like.


This rare species is really appreciated by fishermen. It lives in the waters along the west coast of North America, from Alaska down to Mexico


The lingcod grows up to 5 feet and 130 pounds, so it’s a big one. It eats small fish so no wonder they all get away in fear when a lingcod is around


The fish comes in a variety of shades, ranging from grey, blue and green


In fact, however, only 20% of lingcods have got blue meat which looks amazing


Lingcods are really tasty. Unfortunately, their meat loses its fantastic color while it’s being cooked


According to experts, the meat tastes a bit like codfish or halibut. Still, it is much more appreciated


As a bonus image we have got a lingcod’s skeleton. A bit scary, isn’t it?

Have you got your favorite fish?

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