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When searching for the latest trends in both fashion and home decor, one can always turn to Zara for inexpensive pieces perfect for all occasions. Of course, we thought clothing and home decor items were as far as the brand went—but boy, were we wrong. In a strange turn of events, Zara Home recipes are a thing—and we’re getting ready to make them all. In addition to supplying you with all your trendy needs, Zara is now gifting us with some drool-worthy meal ideas. If you’re finding yourself in the kitchen for the first time nowadays, consider these recipes from Zara Home your saving grace. (And did we mention they’re free?)

From decadent olive bread that works as a perfect addition to your cheese board to a classic pesto pasta you’ll want to eat over and over again, these recipes will satiate any palate. There are drinks, appetizers, main courses and even desserts you can make with the help of Zara Home’s recipe section. Just consider Zara your official one-stop-shop for clothing, home decor and all the meals you could ever want for your weekly meal prep. We’re drooling already, and that’s just from looking at the photos of these recipes.

To get you started, we rounded up all of Zara Home’s recipes below, so you can get cooking ASAP. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, there’s something delicious waiting for you. Roll up your sleeves and dive in, baby. These recipes won’t make themselves.


1. Zucchini Flowers

STYLECASTER | Zara Home Recipes | zucchini flowers

Zara Home.

Vegetables never looked so good. These zucchini flowers are lightly fried to make them crunchy and absolutely delicious. Have them as an appetizer or a side dish—You can’t go wrong.


2. Pesto Pasta

STYLECASTER | Zara Home Recipes | pesto pasta

Zara Home.

Pesto pasta is a true Italian classic that should be in everyone’s repertoire. Made with basil, pine nuts and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, you can’t go wrong with this recipe.


3. Granola

STYLECASTER | Zara Home Recipes | granola

Zara Home.

Wondering what to cook for breakfast? This easy granola recipe is one you can make over and over again. Mix it with fruit and yogurt for the perfect morning treat.


4. Rose Lemonade

STYLECASTER | Zara Home Recipes | rose lemonade

Zara Home.

For a refreshing summer drink, you can’t go wrong with a rose lemonade recipe that’s equal parts sweet and tart. There’s even a splash of pomegranate for an added fruity flavor.


5. Poke Bowl

STYLECASTER | Zara Home Recipes | poke bowl

Zara Home.

This gorgeous poke bowl is basically like a delicious sushi roll deconstructed. Choose your favorite raw fish to add to this bowl—or even tofu if you prefer!


6. Olive Bread

STYLECASTER | Zara Home Recipes | olive bread

Zara Home.

Add this olive bread recipe to your weekly wine and cheese nights for an added charcuterie treat. It can even be frozen if you don’t think you’ll eat it all right away


7. Triple Chocolate Truffles

STYLECASTER | Zara Home Recipes | triple chocolate truffles

Zara Home.

For those of you with a major sweet tooth, have no fear. These triple chocolate truffles are the decadent treat you definitely need in your life.


8. Thyme Lemonade

STYLECASTER | Zara Home Recipes | thyme lemonade

Zara Home.

Rose lemonade not really your thing? Try this thyme lemonade recipe for a unique and refreshing treat that might become your summer go-to. This recipe includes sparkling wine, too, making it the perfect cocktail.


9. Sea Bass With Vegetables

STYLECASTER | Zara Home Recipes | sea bass

Zara Home.

For a healthy and filling main dish, this sea bass with seasonal vegetables recipe is a can’t-miss. You can adapt this recipe to whatever season—Just choose the veggies that look the best to you!


10. Meringue Nests

STYLECASTER | Zara Home Recipes | meringue nests

Zara Home.

These delicious meringue nests are made with coconut cream and topped with chocolate and edible flowers. They’re light, airy and the perfect spring and summer treat.


11. Potato Pizza

STYLECASTER | Zara Home Recipes | potato pizza

Zara Home.

If you didn’t think pizza and potatoes could go together, consider this recipe your excuse to try it. In addition to potato, this recipe also boasts delicious asparagus and fresh herbs like rosemary and basil for an undeniably tasty meal.


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