Multi-Function Suction Cup Cooking Spoon Holder


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Multi-Function Suction Cup Cooking Spoon Holder

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    • ✔ SUCTION CUP FOR LID - The Spoon Buddy is suction cupped onto the top of your pot lid while you cook - minimizing mess on your counter and allowing for quick access!
    • ✔ HEAT RESISTANT - The silicone material of the Spoon Buddy won't melt or become misshapen with heat - it's designed for cooking temperatures and will keep its shape.
    • ✔ REDUCES MESS - Instead of creating a dripping mess transferring your utensil to your counter, the spoon buddy keeps your utensils on the pot - and keeps them from falling into the pot when not in use.
    • ✔ FITS A WIDE VARIETY OF UTENSILS - Whether you're using a spatula, spoon, ladle, or fork, you can rest them on top of your cooking pot lid and avoid making a mess!
    • ✔ HELPS OPEN JARS - As a bonus feature, the silicone material is excellent for opening jars and difficult lids!
    How the Spoon Buddy works is, the bottom of the device has a suction cup that'll stick to most kitchen surfaces. Then just rest your spoon inside, and there's a little notch on the inside that'll keep your spoon upright without it falling out of the holder. 

    Spoon Buddy - Suction Cup Cooking Spoon Holder - Multi-function cooking spoon holder

    The Spoon Buddy fits most kitchen utensils including large spoons, serving spoons, ladles, tongs, and more, and can even be attached right to the top the lid your cooking with for extra cleanliness and ease of use. It'll keep your cooking utensils off of the germ filled surfaces you usually set them down on, and make the clean-up process after cooking much easier to deal with.

    Spoon Buddy - Suction Cup Cooking Spoon Holder - Multi-function cooking spoon holder

    Not only is the Spoon Buddy a brilliant cooking spoon holder that keeps your kitchen surfaces clean while cooking, but it also functions as a jar opener by giving you a better grip, a hot pad alternative for taking off hot lids, plus it holds a perfect 1/2 cup so you can use it as a measuring cup if need be.

    Spoon Buddy - Suction Cup Cooking Spoon Holder - Multi-function cooking spoon holder

    The Spoon Buddy is made from heat-resistant BPA-free silicone that's non-porous and won't harbor any bacteria, is dishwasher safe (top rack only) so you can quickly toss it in for easy cleanup.


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