Nineware Volume Dish Rack


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Nineware Volume Dish Rack

Nineware Volume Dish Rack

  • Streamlined Line Surface Design and Chrome Handles
  • Automatic drain spout designed with 360 degree rotation
  • Two utensil holders with various layout option
  • Non-slip rubber feet for stability
  • Spacious storage space for family of 4

Nineware Volume Dish Rack is designed to be multifunctional as it is versatile, ensuring a simple and efficient dish drying experience. 360 degree rotatable drain spout is removable for easy cleaning. Automatic waterproof structure prevents water from leaving any water marks. Two spoon holders can be placed in various alternative layouts and spacious storage of five partition structure allows it to hold dishes for family of 2-4

Order Includes:

Dish rack - main body, 2 spoon holders, and drain spout