Nineware Wide Volume Dish Rack


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Nineware Wide Volume Dish Rack

Nineware Volume Dish Rack

  • A streamlined, contoured body design with handles for modern look with high functionality
  • 360 degree rotatable and removable drainer spout for efficient drying
  • Automatic waterproof structure prevents water from sticking
  • Removable spoon holder that can be used in various layouts and applications
  • Improved design and spacious storage rack suitable for family of 4-6

A new and improved version of Nineware Volume Dish Rack, Wide Volume Dish Rack come in a streamlined, contoured body design expressed in high-glossy, robust colors that is modestly exaggerated with wooden feet. This stylish appearance adds to the interior design of your kitchen. The 360° rotatable water drain spout can be adjusted to any direction you wish. The drain is easily detachable for intensive cleaning. The spoon holder is attachable to any part of the dishrack at your convenience. The partitioned structure of each utensil holder helps easy organization of your utensils. As the name suggests, the perimeter walls are of 17 centimeter height, providing tableware racking capacity ideal for family of 4-6. The inner, slotted comparment walls are high enough to prevent plates from tipping. Extra design efforts were made for easy assembly. Just "click" the drain to the center hole and you are good to go. Our environmental concerns make Volume Dishwasher as 100% recyclable (ABS.)

Order Includes:

Dish rack - main body, spoon holder, drain spout, and wooden feet