How to Memorize the 50 States


Memorization is an important technique for homeschool families. It helps students to build knowledge, while also exercising the brain. As homeschoolers, we want to provide better educations and opportunities for our children. Memorizing the 50 states and capitals can actually put your head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, 49% of Americans under age 25, can’t find New York on a map (11% can’t find the United States, either). Let’s strive for better. Here are some resources to help your homeschooler memorize the 50 states.

Why Memorize All 50 States

Besides rocking trivia contests, memorizing the 50 states is an important exercise in geography. You will also better understand history and current events. Knowing where states are located, helps you visualize events. It also means that you can better plan trips and understand weather patterns. There are many reasons to memorize the states and capitals.

How to Memorize the State Capitals

There are several ways to memorize the states and their capitals. The best way is to pick a method that aligns with your child’s learning style. You can also use multiple resources for a multi-sensory approach to learning the 50 states and capitals. Here are some suggestions on how to memorize the states and capitals.

  • Music: Facts set to a rhythm or silly songs about the 50 states will help your family memorize the state names and capital cities easily.
  • Flashcards: Flashcards of each state and capital use auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning.
  • Board Games: Learning should be fun. Use geography games to help you memorize your states and capitals. Or make your own game up and practice while you play.
  • Repetition: Good old fashioned, repetition never fails. Recite the 50 states and capitals every day. You could also do this through call and response.
  • Mnemonic Devices: Mnemonic devices use funny or catchy phrases to help you remember something. This technique can be used to memorize anything.

Free Resources to Help Memorize the States and Capitals

We’ve collected some of the best free resources for memorizing the states and capitals. So, here’s a great list to get you started on learning the fabulous fifty states. These will help you and your family easily learn these easily and quickly!

Fun Ways to Learn about the 50 States

There are so many methods of memorization. Therefore, you might wonder what the best way to learn all 50 states is. So, here it is! Just have fun! Sometimes, you need to think a bit outside the box. Doing puzzles and fun activities enhance learning and make kids eager to learn more. Also, you can connect learning to your child’s interest. Does your child love nature? Then, include state birds and flowers in your memorization work. Here’s some of our favorite fun ways to learn about the 50 states.

Learn to Draw the 50 States of America

When you write something, you remember it. The same goes for drawing. Practice drawing the outline of each state and the map of the United States to memorize state shapes, locations, and capital cities. So, you can start by tracing each state over and over. In addition, you could practice drawing the states by freehand. Then, when you know the outline of each state well, you can start drawing the entire country. Conversely, you can print United States outlines and practice drawing in the borders. Once you have the 50 states in place, write in the names and capitals. Check out these resources for learning how to draw the 50 states:

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