Congrats, humans: We’ve saved up to 48 species from extinction


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  • Researchers have examined the impacts of conservation efforts on animals that were nearing extinction as far back as 1993.
  • The data suggests that anywhere between 28 and 48 species were saved from extinction thanks to various conservation programs.
  • There's still more work to do, of course, and there are plenty of species that are endangered or critically endangered today.

There are countless conservation efforts going on across the globe every single day, week, month, and year. Whether it's a tiny fish or a massive elephant, researchers often identify major issues with species population numbers, and sooner or later, a conservation effort is (hopefully) launched. Sometimes the efforts fail or are inadequate or simply too late, and a species can't be saved from extinction in the wild. Other times, however, conservation efforts do exactly what they're meant to.

Now, in a new bit of research published in Conservation Letters, researchers crunched the numbers on many different species, comparing their progress over time and examining how conservation efforts have affected them. They found that up to 48 species across many animal groups have been saved since 1993, when certain laws were enacted to help empower conservationists to protect wildlife.

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