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Here on this section will be my recipes and health and well being. So To begin I am starting with a healthy seafood risotto. I posted this a while ago on my Facebook and on my Instagram.

Using fresh produce is good but using frozen is a lot healthier due to it going from grower to packer. Same with fish, seafood and meats. These are tested to meet better standards than that of fresh. Open-air markets are exposed to exhaust fumes and various other dangerous air particles due to pollution. The planet ecosystem dictates that nothing we eat, breath or lay on our bodies is healthy.

One Onion

Two cloves of garlic

Fresh or dried basil

Seafood medley

Risotto rice

Onion powder

Seafood stock



I also add spring onions, scallions for those not in the UK. I use shop-bought garlic bread and I buy from Iceland, a frozen food store in the UK.

I love to cook with the music on and a glass of wine in hand. Usually, when I cook I go with instinct although I am a qualified chef, I have never worked as one. As I love to eat many different types of foods from many different cultures, I have a vast array of seasonings and spices as well as herbs in my pantry. My risotto is a recipe of mine that is a favourite.

I dont have a cooking playlist but I do like soothing tunes, usually on Spotify. I love to take my time and cook during a break from writing. In this section, there will be links to health benefits of the ingredients I use such as onions as antioxidants.

Cooking Methods vary. I usually cook the veg in olive oil, Greek. A quick and delicious cheat and treat is Basil Olive Oil is Elea Creta. Warm the oil and then add the opinions and garlic together. Make sure they are translucent before adding fresh or dried herbs. I then add the rice then crush stock cube, then add the water and stir gently. When the rice has puffed up, add the spring onions and seasoning such as the onion powder and salt and white pepper.

Amazon Pantry is a good place to buy foods from overseas such as Mediterranean foods and spices.

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